Is Xbox Game Pass worth it?

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Xbox Game Pass is a paid subscription service that offers access to a wide range of Xbox and PC titles. You can also enjoy some of these services through Cloud Gaming on Android and Apple devices. There are three different subscription options available depending on the platforms you are using.

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For a monthly fee, you can play hundreds of different games, from tiny indies to triple-A titles. This includes day-one releases of certain titles. It sounds great in theory, but is Xbox Game Pass worth it?


Because Xbox Game Pass is more of a subscription service than a single game, we don’t have an official rating. However, features editor Eric Switzer is a longtime fan of the service. Back in 2020, he praised PC Game Pass for being great value for money, saying, “Playing just 2 games a year pays for the whole thing, so it’s hard to see why nobody would want to sign up.” Since then, however, the cost of Game Pass has increased and is now $10 per month for PC or Xbox, or $15 for Ultimate, which includes Xbox, PC, cloud gaming, and Xbox Live Gold. So has his mind changed?


In 2021, Eric praised the service for adding a wide range of indie titles, classic titles, and triple-A releases. He also did a math on how much the service had saved him over the year, and the results speak for themselves

Game Pass saved me $382 this year, but more importantly, it helped me enjoy the games I played more. I need to try things without worrying about the investment.

Since then, Eric has also praised the improvements made to the Game Pass cloud streaming beta on mobile, but says it’s “much more polished than today’s PC streaming.” He also has nothing but good words to say about the day one release on Game Pass, comparing it to the new PlayStation Plus plan.

expenditure of time

Xbox Game Pass

The beauty of Game Pass is that the time it takes to play is the time you have. Hundreds of titles are on offer and the range of lengths is as varied as the number of genres. This means you can choose something short and sweet just for the afternoon, or immerse yourself in a long adventure that you’ll come back to over and over again as time goes on. Xbox Game Pass will also warn you when games are about to leave service, so you can make sure you finish the abandoned playthrough before they disappear.

Games available at the time of writing range from the beautiful and thought-provoking Sea of ​​Solitude, which can be completed in around three hours, to the five-star rated Persona 5, which will take over 100 hours to complete.


Game pass money xbox

There are three plans that fall under the Game Pass umbrellacome to $9.99 for a single service or $14.99 for a combination She. Here are the options available, their content, and the monthly cost.

Game Pass for Console

Game pass for PC

Game Pass Ultimate

  • Play over 100 games
  • Xbox consoles
  • Play over 100 games
  • Console, PC, Mobile
  • Xbox Game Studio
  • title at launch
  • Xbox Game Studio
  • title at launch
  • Xbox Game Studio
  • title at launch
  • Discounts and offers for members
  • Discounts and offers for members
  • Discounts and offers for members
  • EA Play Membership
  • PC only
  • EA Play Membership
  • PC and console
  • Free perks included
  • in-game content
  • Partner Offers

*Xbox Live Gold includes 2 free games per month and access to Microsoft’s online multiplayer services. It is sold separately for $9.99 per month.

What subscribers are saying

Game of the Year, Every Year – Helen Ashcroft

I already named Game Pass my Game of the Year for 2020 and I haven’t changed my stance. It allows me to play a huge variety of games that I couldn’t otherwise afford and also keeps my gamer kids happy. I just hope I can keep my promise to play those day one releases while they’re still hot.

I can’t imagine my life without Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Amanda Hurych

Xbox Game Pass has completely revolutionized the way I play. I used to only play maybe 2-5 games a year because I was so reluctant to spend money on something I might not like. Now I play so many games all the time. Plus, like… PowerWash Simulator is on Game Pass. 10/10

Ultimate is worth it – Branden Lizardi

If you like both PC and console gaming, it’s worth upgrading to Game Pass Ultimate. Some games are better in certain formats, and the built-in cloud gaming and gold features mean you’re still getting a good deal.

It’s worth it for India alone – Issy van der Velde

Not having to pay separately for gems like Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Citizen Sleeper, or Vampire Survivors is amazing as it means I don’t miss out on all the indie games that my friends recommend.

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