Some of us tend to skip the trips abroad and instead head off into the wilderness to live in nature for a week. There’s something amazing about pitching a tent and sleeping in the woods with nobody else around you for miles. It’s times like these you really feel free. Of course we’re not totally free from the world we live in. The car usually gets packed with loads of gadgets which make our trip easier.

And some of these gadgets help us in the kitchen, or at least nature’s version of a kitchen which is usually a little fire. To make our trip as enjoyable as possible there’s certain things you can take with you that will make your food preparation so much easier. Why should you have to do everything the old fashioned way? It just makes it more difficult, but these gadgets do not.

Camping coffee maker

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Let’s get the most important thing out of the way. Who cares if you have any food as long as you get your morning coffee? You maybe had to do it the hard way when you were a child, but preparing coffee in the middle of the woods couldn’t be easier now that you have the option of taking a coffee machine. It’s the perfect way to feed your addiction even when you’re hundreds of miles from civilization.

Thermal flask

You won’t always have the coffee machine around. Maybe you’ll want to take a trek up to a waterfall and it’s a long way to walk. Take a thermal flask with you and give yourself a well deserved coffee break when you get there. The caffeine is probably going to give you the energy needed to walk back down to the tent.

Instastart Grill Stove

When you decide to cook something you want it to be as easy as possible. You definitely don’t want to play about with lighting something for hours while everyone starves to death. With the Instastart Grill Stove, by Coleman you won’t have anything to worry about again. It starts straight away every single time and gives you the power to cook everything.

LED headlamp

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It’s no good having all your cooking equipment if you can’t cook anything when it gets dark. What will you do when you want some food and you can’t see anything in front of you? It’s pretty obvious you need some kind of light source. You can always start a fire and it will enable you to cook, but always take a LED headlamp just in case. If it’s raining and the fire goes out you’re pretty much screwed.

Swedish FireSteel

Matches and lighters are great, but what will you do if they stop working? It’s not like you can walk to the shop to buy new ones. You have marshmallows and you desperately want to build a fire so you can cook them. Take a Swedish FireSteel with you can you’ll be able to make a fire at all times, except maybe when it’s heavy rain. Swedish models are the best in the world and won’t let you down.

About the author: Chris Jackson works for Somers Elite Training, a company providing excellent Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course in Melbourne. He specializes in providing useful gadget tips to his readers.


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