These days, kitchens just don’t seem large enough and there are always new ways to update things to make life easier for you and your family. If you are in your kitchen a lot of the time, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to talk to you about a few of our personal favorite technologies that are going to take your kitchen from great to amazing. These things are going to make your life easier, give you more space or just add a little special something to one of your favorite places in your home.

Tablet Mount

If you do much of your cooking while using your tablet to view your recipes than you have probably run into problems. There just doesn’t seem to be enough counter space to get the job done and sometimes your tablet just isn’t in the correct place. There are so many options when it comes to mounts for your tablet. Some hang from your cupboards, others simply stand from a specific location of your counter. Shop around and you’re bound to find the perfect solution for your unique needs.

High-Tech Coffee Options

If you drink a lot of coffee than you are going to appreciate the Hamilton Beach Voice Activated 12 Cup Coffeemaker. This is only one option on the market today that we loved. It’s great because not only can it make that perfect amount of coffee to keep you going throughout the day but it’s also voice activated so it’s never been easier to get things started. This is going to make multitasking much easier than ever before, giving you peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about dirtying your machine if you are in mid-cooking mode.

Let Your Phone Control That Perfect Brew

The Scanomat TopBrewer is a really neat option if coffee is a large part of your life. It does take up a lot of counter space but is actually installed mainly underneath. You can literally brew four cups in a single minute and do so simply by pressing a few buttons on your cell phone. You can choose the type and literally see exactly how much time you have left so you can spend more time getting ready for work and less time worrying about your coffee. It comes out great every single time.

iDevice iGrill

This is another really neat thing that can help keep your focus on what’s most important without too much worrying about your food. Phones are pretty fantastic these days, allowing you to track your kitchen like never before so everything comes out great every single time. This works because there is a wireless thermometer that allows you to be up to 200 feet away so you can keep tabs on everything you are cooking at the same time. You’ll be notified when each food item is done so you don’t have to worry about ever burning your meals again.

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