As soon as you set eyes on the Krator Neso N2-21030, you are greeted by a mash-up of orange and wood which tries to be contemporary and classic at the same time. Whether you like the looks is a matter of personal choice. Nevertheless we’re more concerned with how this set of speakers performs. Fitted with 2.5-inch drivers in each of its two satellite speakers and a 5.25-inch long throw driver for the sub woofer, coupled with paper wool cones and a 9mm-thick MDF body, the Neso is an intriguing mix of audiophile quality components housed in a solid 2.1 configuration. Slanted speaker units and sound controls located on the satellite speaker rather than behind the sub woofer unit provide further proof that a good deal of thought and effort was exerted on Krator’s part.

Reading through the specs should make it clear that the Neso was designed for bass and during our testing the unit did not disappoint. Bass heavy tracks, such as Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers were a joy to listen to, with the low notes having great definition and sustain. The speakers are also a natural fit for sound-effect-laden movies, with the explosions and chaos bringing the Neso’s qualities to the fore.

However, while long throw drivers may improve bass performance, this comes at the cost of good transient response. This shortcoming was most evident on tracks which rely on alternate percussions like Hotel California where the bongos sound flat and lifeless. We would most definitely not recommend these speakers to any lovers of bossa nova.

Cross-over technology ensures that overall sound is warm and pleasant while also ensuring a satisfyingly encompassing soundstage allowing the Krator Neso to somewhat adapt to your needs. Dialogue for films was sufficiently clear and while gaming, Battlefield 2: Bad Company’s score was done justice. However, the speakers make no pretensions to having a neutral sound, leaning heavily in favor of bass which color its performance.

After testing, there s no doubt in our minds that these speakers were meant for decibel-hungry bassheads who like to feel the sound literally being pumped out. If you fit the bill then the Krator Neso 02 N2-21030 is a bargain at a price of US$110 and will not disappoint. These aren’t the cheapest set of desktop speakers around, but you get exactly what you paid for, which is a rare quality among today’s speakers.

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