TV sets with 3D capability have not really set the market on fire. The main reason for this is the high cost of die 3D glasses with active shutter technology and the even higher price of the TV sets. Another reason was the paucity of 3D content. Both these issues have been sorted to an extent by LG. The company has just released its new smart TV set, the LG 42LW6500, that will ease the price burden and also add the third dimension to 2D channels. LG is the second in the country after Samsung to adopt technology that changes 2D signal into 3D.

But what LG gives the user in addition is low-cost 3D glasses. The new range of LED 3D TV called LW6500 does not use active shutter glasses. Instead it has the better, lighter and wallet-friendly passive-shutter glasses. Unlike the heavier active-shutter 3D glasses that weigh between 80 and 200 gm, the passive ones weigh just 16 gm, which is like having nothing perched on your nose. Also, at most a pair of glasses comes with the pack of an active-shutter TV. In contrast, the LW6500 comes with four companion glasses for the whole family.

One big advantage that the passive 3D glasses has over its active counterpart is in colour reproduction. The original colours are maintained even when 3D is turned on. In active-shutter technology, there is marked darkening of hues.

The LW6500 can change any 2D stream whether from a console, media player or a regular set-top box into 3D feed. The 3D effect is quite nice, especially when watching HD channels and HD content. Regular standard-definition channels aren’t so impressive- The image is vivid with no ghosting. The frame rates stay stable even for high-paced action scenes. For a slim TV set, die onboard audio is not bad either.

Apart from 3D, this TV also possesses smart applications that let you browse the Internet. There is plenty of Indian content to browse through as well. One can surf for movies, pictures and music from the Net, Users can also stream media tiles from any laptop or PC using the “smart share11 option. Another smart accessory has been added to the TV set that gives it quite an edge over others. Its Magic Motion remote is the secondary remote that aids the user in managing and browsing content using motion sensors within the remote. This helps avoid the hassles of going through multiple buttons and arrow keys on the screen. Overall, this 42 incher is a piece of 3D art worth hanging on your bedroom or living room wall.

Verdict: Lower price, lighter glasses, vibrant 3D, and not to forget, a motion-sensing remote control.

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