These days, buying the right TV can be as tricky as buying the right cellular telephone handset. There are many brands and many models within those brands. But there are certain things you can definitely look out for, depending on your needs. Size, first of all, is an important consideration. The right dimensions for your TV can make all the difference – too small, or too big, and the experience is lessened.

Then there is the question of what kind of TV. In our opinion, you’re looking for LED, because of the great picture quality, great colour reproduction and excellent dark tones. It is, in our mind, a no-brainer.

The big question, really, is whether you want a TV capable of 3D or not. If you are after such a device, you’re looking at adding quite a bit to the price you’re going to pay, not to mention the added costs of expensive, powered 3D glasses… so that the whole family can enjoy the experience.

LG have something of a solution to that. Using their Cinema 3D technology, they can cut some of the costs. The TV still will set you back quite a bit, but this technology means that the TV can be used with glasses that do not require power, cutting that cost significantly at least. The 47LW6510 Cinema 3D Smart TV allows for that, and includes all the bells and whistles one would expect from a modern TV… multiple inputs, internet connectivity and a whole lot more. It is even ready for LG’s motion controlled remote (although this is, admittedly, still a gimmick in our eyes.)
So if you’re willing to spend around R22 000 on a TV, this 47 inch beauty is an excellent option. Awesome picture quality, versatility, good 3D and generally excellent performance.

Verdict: A fantastic 47” TV, supported by 3D glasses that don’t need to be powered!

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