Any gamer will tell you that a good set of headphones is more than just a convenience… it is a necessity. Whether to keep gaming into the wee hours without keeping the household awake, or simply just to ensure immersive sound, headphones serve a variety of useful purposes. Logitech offer a variety of options for gamers who want to keep their sound personal, ranging from really small units through too massive wireless multi-input headphones. Somewhere in the middle you will find the Logitech G330 Gaming Headset, a relatively small set of headphones that are none the-less-huge on sound.

The G330s look pretty impressive, too. They make use of a behind-the-head configuration, which many people prefer to the often bulkier ‘over-the-top’ headphone rail style. The rail is covered in a durable, semi-rubberised coating, to improve comfort. And, here’s a thing… it’s adjustable. That’s something you don’t see too often. Admittedly, you’ll need a pretty big head to have to make adjustments, but it’s a nice option. It also results in the only real hassle we have with this otherwise fantastic headset: if you’re not careful, the adjustable portion can pull your hair. No catastrophe, but a single strand of hair being tugged can be an eye-watering affair.

The actual earphones are fairly large and are extremely comfortable. They are covered with a tough black sponge, and contoured for maximum comfort and air-flow. On the left one, a boom microphone can be swung into place to allow for voice chat. It can also be adjusted for optimal positioning.

The sound quality that the G330s deliver is sublime, to say the least. Excellent bass response mingles with crisp mids and clear high tones, without a whisper of distortion, even at volume levels that would cause serious ear damage. And yes, they get that loud. Lucking an easy-to reach in-line volume control can be used to keep sound levels at acceptable levels, like ‘ear-bleeding’ instead of ‘skull-shattering’. A mute button will also save you from having to watch all those embarrassing expletives being transmitted via the microphone.

The standard connectors are a pair of 3.5mm jacks – one for the headphones and one for the mic. In the box, though, it a sort of ‘unifying’ adapter. Plugging both of the 3.5mm jacks into one end, the other end can interface with any USB port. It’s a bit of an unnecessary addition, really, but there may be times when USB input is absolutely necessary.

Another little niggle we have – and it’s a small one, really – is that the G330s seem a little expensive. At R550, they aren’t the cheapest around. But, with that said, anyone who samples their performance will be sold. They are worth every bit of that cost, and more.

Sure, they’re only stereo, but that really is enough, isn’t it? That’s doubly the case if you’re going to be using these superb headphones for more than just gaming – they perform just as well with music, watching movies or anything else you might need a decent set of discreet yet powerful headphones for.

Verdict: They might look small, but the performance from these babies is pitch-perfect!

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