Sometimes convenience can be a double edged sword, of sorts. In making something convenient by simplifying it, certain aspects that added to the convenience might be left out. That’s what happened when Logitech created the Z110 Stereo Speaker system. These two wired speakers are fairly large, although still portable.

The speakers are USB powered, which cuts out the need for extra power adapters, and also feature a 3.5mm jack input (although we’re not sure why – they could have been run entirely off of USB.) They also have an integrated cable management system, to keep things a bit neater.

All of this is great, and when combined with the generally good sound that they deliver, makes for a great option for those wanting speakers for their PC or laptop. The USB power does mean that they are restricted to a device that has a USB port, but that’s still OK.

What we would have liked – what would have made them even more convenient – is some kind of volume control. As they stand, the volume is controlled by the system they are connected to. It’s not a huge thing, but it does make things a little less convenient than we would have liked. We’re lazy… we want everything to be super easy.
Still, as a portable stereo speaker system, the Z110s do their job extremely well.

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