Mad at your iPhone asking for Apple ID password? Know how to fix the bug

After the new OS update, iPhone users have been getting repetitive verification popups asking them to enter their Apple ID password.

Many iPhone users have been getting repetitive verification popups or notifications to enter their Apple ID password after the new iOS update. Even after entering the correct password, it reappears, the iPhone asks for the password again. If you’re also facing the same problem then it could be because of either the software glitch (iOS firmware bugs) or, because of failed download or a problem with your account settings in iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, or the App Store. But don’t worry, you can fix your iPhone by using these simple steps

Know how to stop your iPhone from asking Apple ID password again and again


1. Force Restart iPhone

Switch off your iPhone by using the “Power/Side” button and release all the buttons to let your device reboot. This should get these issues sorted. However, if it still exists then jump to the next step i.e, updating your Apple account.

2. Update Apple account

Perhaps, the issue is not fixed due to a glitch or any app installed over your iPhone may have not been registered with your Apple ID yet. Hence, update the Apple account by signing out of it and signing in to it again. Once you reboot your iPhone, go to “Settings”, hit on “Apple ID (your name)” followed by “Sign Out”. Now restart your iPhone and then sign back into the same Apple account. If you still face the issue then opt for the 3rd, mother of all solutions, Factory Reset.

3. Factory Reset iPhone

Factory resetting your iPhone is the ultimate solution to fix any sort of issues or bug in the iPhone. However, it can erase all your data and settings of your iPhone, so keep a backup before you reset your phone. You can find the Factory Reset option in the “Settings” tab followed by “General”. Opt for “Erase all content and settings” option and confirm your actions. Your device is reset. Now login to the device and restore the data.

If the iPhone issue is still there, then check whether all the Apps are downloaded using the same Apple ID or not. It might be possible that the apps installed over your iPhone have been downloaded with another Apple ID and you have signed into the iPhone with a different Apple ID. Therefore, check which app is creating trouble and uninstall the same from your iPhone and re-download it using your present Apple ID.

That should get rid of the annoyance permanently and you can get back to a glitch-free experience with your iPhone.

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