Automation equipment is used by a variety of different businesses, from airports to freight services, as well as catering companies and centres that rely on wind power and energy grids. In many cases, these automated systems will run smoothly, and once established should be able to hit optimum levels on a consistent basis. However, it is important to have a system in place that guards and maintains automated equipment, with the aim of reducing errors, and for ensuring that any problems are dealt with in a swift fashion.

Having a 24 hour human monitoring service is impractical, as most automation equipment will not require this level of attention. Some kind of maintenance and management system is, however, necessary to ensure that problems are dealt with. In this way, a mobile asset management solution like Mobile Scada and its accompanying EXTEND7000 platform can reduce headaches and increase efficiency for businesses that use automation equipment. Mobile Scada provides around the clock monitoring of core systems through software that can be connected to portable devices. Alerts can be sent out for any problems, while engineers can monitor system levels and respond to any problems. Some of the more detailed benefits of having this system in place are expanded on below:

1 – Minimal Contact

Mobile Scada systems are particular useful for keeping a detailed watch over systems without actually requiring constant supervision by engineers. Records are made and recorded through CCTV footage and other detection methods, with software set up to ensure that a system is kept to optimal levels. Contact becomes necessary for updating and reviewing these performance levels, and for intervening in the case of more serious problems. In this context, an engineer can be alerted and sent out to deal with a problem, as well as being able to deal with it remotely.

2 – Benefits

Having this level of flexible but consistent support means that system downtimes are reduced, and that an engineer can access everything they need without having to be present at a site. Maintenance logs and histories reduce the amount of paper work associated with an automated system, and can result in 38-60% less downtime for unscheduled stops. Reducing downtime in this way means that a business can run on a more efficient and economic basis, with up to date records kept and systems established to be upgraded depending on the frequency and the nature of faults. Trend logging and fixes can become part of the architecture of mobile asset management systems, which in turn can help gradually reduce the need for engineer intervention.

Businesses that use Mobile Scada and the EXTEND7000 platform are able to more consistently identify Key Performance Indicators, and can save costs in areas like labour and downtime. Moreover, mobile systems are flexible in terms of being able to be scaled up depending on software upgrades, without necessarily adjusting an original architecture. Compatibility with smart phone operating systems like iOS and Android similarly means that the delivery of information, and the logging of that information, can be easy to access and to adjust by engineers.

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