Maintaining employability in the face of constantly evolving new technology


Published February 2, 2023

With the advent of artificial intelligence and new technologies like ChatGPT, it is vital for professionals to adapt and remain employable. David Vilf is Group Product Manager at Onfido, a leading fintech scaleup and a leader in digital identity and cybersecurity. David has a strong background in AI and Fintech, having advanced to his current role at Onfido from a chemistry degree at Imperial College London. He also oversees founders of early-stage tech startups.

David Vilf is a prime example of how adaptability, resilience and technical generalist skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven job market. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and new products like ChatGPT, many industries are seeing a significant shift in the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. After graduating in Chemistry from Imperial College London, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Vilf has successfully moved through multiple different roles and industries, demonstrating his ability to adapt and learn quickly.

Vilf’s early career began in the financial sector, working for Morgan Stanley in one of their most profitable businesses. However, he quickly realized that his true passion was building and collaborating with those who create impactful technology products that improve the lives of millions of people, so far particularly in the fintech space. From banking, he moved to Cytora, a fast-growing insurtech startup, where he focused his career on product management.

Eventually, Vilf discovered his passion for digital identity and cybersecurity and joined Onfido, a fast-growing scale-up and market leader in this space. As Group Product Manager at Onfido, Vilf is currently responsible for the company’s Data Verification Suite, and his work helps thousands of online businesses worldwide remain compliant while serving existing and emerging markets. Onfido provides seamless onboarding experiences to millions of end users who want to access online services safely and securely.

One of the biggest challenges Vilf has had to face in his career is rapid technological change, which he also sees as a great opportunity. As an industry leader in digital identity and cybersecurity, he has seen firsthand how artificial intelligence (AI) and new products like ChatGPT are disrupting traditional business models and transforming the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

Vilf believes that people must be adaptable and willing to constantly learn and develop to remain relevant in today’s job market. Acquiring new skills is important, but beyond that, individuals must also develop a growth mindset, seeing change, challenges and even failure as opportunities for development. And it’s not just about reacting to change, but striving for it opportunistically. On a technical level, he strongly believes in the power of machine learning and its impact on industry and is always looking for ways to stay ahead of new technologies.

In addition to his role at Onfido, Vilf is also heavily involved in the startup community, both as a business angel and as a product mentor for several technology companies. He believes that by supporting new and innovative ideas, he can contribute to the growth of the technology ecosystem and make a positive impact on society.

David Vilf’s experience in the technology industry has taught him that being a technical generalist can be the key to success in today’s job market, but not without developing some skills and expertise. Diverse, high-quality skills and knowledge allow individuals to be more versatile and adaptable to the rapidly changing technology landscape.

His mindset aligns well with the values ​​of many millennials, most of whom have high expectations of their employers, beyond salary and job security, and now also demand meaning, impact and great role models to learn from. Because of this, he is an active mentor and advisor to young startup founders, sharing his insights and experiences to help them succeed in the industry and maintaining a close personal connection to the latest and most exciting developments and ideas.

As a leader in digital identity and cybersecurity, Vilf is also well versed in identity fraud and is happy to share his insights and expertise with others in the field. He recently published this article on developing smart and secure eKYC (= Electronic Know Your Customer) products and has also been featured on the payments show podcast discussing the impact of digital identity products on online payments and e-commerce businesses .

Overall, David Vilf’s story should inspire anyone looking to navigate the rapidly changing job market. His professional success underscores the importance of developing adaptability, learning quickly and staying ahead of new technologies. He would encourage anyone wishing to follow a similar path to truly recognize the potential of change to translate into outstanding growth opportunities when approached with a dynamic yet focused mindset. David will follow the same strategy in all his activities, both professional and personal, and would be happy to get in touch with anyone who shares his ambitions.

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