More of the best early Black Friday Xbox deals 2022

Black Friday 2022 is just around the corner! The official event kicks off on November 25th, but we’re already seeing fantastic deals on Microsoft’s hugely popular gaming platform, Xbox. Whether you’re looking for a new console in the form of a Series X or S, a new controller, or some new games, there are plenty of deals to get your hands on.

Our guide will help you with your search Best Xbox Black Friday Deals. Also, in the days leading up to Black Friday, we’re constantly updating this page with more discounts and early offers on everything Xbox-related. So check back regularly for updates. Our Twitter page @Jelly_Deals It’s also worth following for the latest gaming and tech deals.

Today’s best early Black Friday deals for Xbox

United Kingdom


Black Friday Xbox Series X, Series S, One Console Deals

We should see more Xbox Series X deals this Black Friday as it’s been firmly in stock for a while. Demand for the console is still very high, so you might be able to snag a bundle, but there will likely be little to no big discounts. However, the Series S is currently enjoying a $50 discount on the Microsoft Store for US buyers, meaning you can get one of the digital-only consoles for just $249.99! We’re not sure if this deal will be repeated in the UK, but we’ll let you know as soon as anything is announced.

You can check our Series X stock checker page to see which UK and US retailers sell them or you can click on the links below.

United Kingdom


Black Friday deals on Xbox games

The Xbox Black Friday Sale is now also live on the Xbox Store, where you can find many discounts on great digital games. If you’d rather buy games digitally or own a Series S or Xbox One S, be sure to check out Emad’s coverage of the sale.

With so many games making their way to Xbox Game Pass now, we’re expecting plenty of Black Friday deals on physical Xbox games as well. We’ve already seen some small discounts on top titles like Elden Ring, Fifa 23, and even Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Below are some of the titles we’ve already seen on sale – which means you can snag some cheap Xbox game deals before the official sale has even started.

United Kingdom


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Black Friday Deals

At the moment, new subscribers can get their first month of Game Pass Ultimate for £1 direct from Microsoft. Those looking specifically for the PC Game Pass subscription can also get their first month for £1.

Microsoft tends to offer a Game Pass Ultimate first 3 months for £1 deal every now and then throughout the year, so we’re expecting a similar promotion this Black Friday. We also expect third-party retailers to discount their Game Pass coupons as well.

Below are some of the best current deals. We’ll also be following Game Pass Black Friday deals on our dedicated hub.

As always, get your first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just £1/$1 when you sign up for the first time:

Here are some early offers on Xbox Game Pass subscription codes:

United Kingdom


Xbox Black Friday Accessory Deals

Controllers are one of the most popular Xbox Black Friday deals to look out for. We’re also on the lookout for discounts on the 1TB, 2TB, and 512GB Seagate Storage Expansion Cards for Xbox Series X/S. This rather expensive SSD is the only way to increase your storage space on Xbox Series X/S for installing next-gen games. Currently, all external hard drives (whether mechanical or SSDs) can only be used to store next-gen games or run older Xbox One titles.

United Kingdom


But what if you’re looking for another console on sale this November? Luckily we have pages all set up to feature the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals and PS5 Black Friday deals as they become available. Make sure you check them out.

When do the best Black Friday Xbox deals start?

In the UK, retailers like Amazon UK, Game and Currys tend to launch their early Black Friday deals around a week before the big sales event. We recommend keeping an eye out for Black Friday Xbox deals starting November 18th. In the US, expect Amazon US, GameStop, Best Buy, and Target to also announce their early Black Friday Xbox deals. In some cases, deals leading up to Black Friday can sometimes be better than the day itself, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for early deals.

Will there be Xbox Series X stock on Black Friday 2022?

It is very likely that there will be Xbox Series X stocks during the Black Friday period. The Xbox Series X and Series S consoles are currently in stock at most major retailers in the UK and US. A few bundles and discounts are already popping up from time to time, which could mean there will be similar deals on Black Friday.

Which retailers have the best Xbox Series X Black Friday deals?

It’s too early to say who will have the best Black Friday Xbox Series X deals, but we recommend Amazon UK, Very, John Lewis, Game and Microsoft in the UK, or Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy and Walmart in check the US. Some of the best deals to look out for are standalone console discounts or bundles with discounted games and/or accessories like an extra controller or a game not included in Game Pass.

How much will the Xbox Series X cost on Black Friday 2022?

The Xbox Series X normally costs £449.99 / $499, so we might see some small discounts or bundles over Black Friday. However, that could change depending on whether Microsoft decides to adopt PlayStation’s PS5 price increase. There are currently no Black Friday Xbox Series X deals, but we’ll update you with prices closer to the date.

Will Xbox Series X/S games be on sale during Black Friday 2022?

We expect many Xbox Series X/S games to be included in the Black Friday sales and we’ll make sure to help you find the best discounts for them. In the UK retailers such as Amazon UK, ShopTo, The Game Collection and Base are worth checking out. For those of you who own an Xbox Series S, check out Amazon and the Microsoft Store for discounts on Xbox digital games.

Games that are also available on Xbox Game Pass probably have the biggest discounts, which is great if you want to own physical games. However, depending on how many games you want to buy, you might find that a Game Pass subscription offers better value.

Does Xbox offer Black Friday deals?

Microsoft will likely offer a wide range of deals, including discounted controllers, official Xbox accessories like headsets and hard drives, games, and possibly the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. Microsoft may also offer special deals on its Game Pass subscriptions, usually your first month for £1 or, if we’re lucky, the first three months for £1.

How much does Xbox Game Pass cost on Black Friday 2022?

Typically, you can buy Game Pass subscription codes for a one-month or three-month duration. Amazon UK, ShopTo usually have deals all year round, but we may see Xbox Game Pass deals from Amazon and other retailers on Black Friday. As mentioned, Microsoft may also be offering a Black Friday Xbox Game Pass promotion, allowing first-time subscribers to get either one or three months of Xbox Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate for just £1.

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