New technology for early diabetes detection – News

Cricket legend Wasim Akram has taken on the role of global brand ambassador for The Health Bank (THB) to help raise awareness of diabetes management and the importance of early screening for the disease.

Worldwide there is an alarming increase of Type—2 diabetes. It is a chronic condition due to sedentary lifestyle and obesity, among other factors. With one in five people in the GCC living with diabetes, the region ranks among the highest in the world for diabetes prevalence.

“I am truly excited about getting to work with THB about an issue that’s so very personal to me,” said Wasim Akram during the signing ceremony held at THB’s headquarters. “I am delighted to help THB advocate and spread awareness of early detection and management of diabetes across the region.”

“The new technology championed by THB has changed my life for the better. The device that was inserted into my arm enables the monitoring team at the THB control center to measure my blood sugar levels 24/7 and alerts me through my phone immediately to any sudden drastic changes. Having access to this information on my mobile phone helps me manage my condition more easily, as the notifications help me remember to make smart decisions about my health throughout the day. It has helped me re-evaluate and put my health back into perspective as a priority”, added Akram.

In 2003, Akram was diagnosed with diabetes and recalls how he had to leave in the middle of cricket matches to control his sugar levels. He empathises with those suffering with the condition and acknowledges what a burden managing the chronic illness can be without technology.

Zarmina Jafar, head of strategy at THB said: “We are excited to have Wasim Akram join our team to help raise awareness on the important issue of diabetes. He is an excellent spokesperson to discuss ways to reverse the negative health effects of diabetic people, and the importance of screening and management in pre-diabetics to avoid rapid progression of the disease.”

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