Nintendo eShop Cyber Sale is here: Which games to get, which to avoid

Super Mario Odyssey is on sale on the eShop, but it’s cheaper elsewhere. Skip it and look for some of these other games instead.


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Nintendo has launched a massive eShop sale on the Nintendo Switch, with games on sale through Nov. 30. If you want to browse the full list, go ahead. There are some Nintendo first-party games on sale — although retailers are also selling these games, sometimes for even less. I’m even more interested in the indie and third-party games that on sale, too.

There are already a number of other Nintendo bundles and sale deals, too, but the deals below are specifically for digital games on the eShop.

One thing to keep in mind: For big games like Super Mario Odyssey (on sale for $42 on the eShop), you’re better off looking elsewhere. GameStop has the game for $35 right now.

Running down the list, here are a few that immediately catch my eye:

  • Hades (normally $25, now $17.50)
  • Astral Chain (normally $60, now $42)
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps (normally $30, now $18)
  • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (normally $40, now $22)
  • Spelunky 2 (normally $20, now $16)
  • Tetris Effect: Connected (normally $40, now $26.79)
  • Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania (normally $40, now $30)
  • Jackbox Party Pack games (a number of them on sale, various prices)
  • Sega Genesis Classics (was $30, now $15)

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