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Sometimes you want a game that makes you feel powerful. While many genres allow us to embody skilled protagonists capable of navigating any scenario, none make their players as unstoppable as Dynasty Warriors. Known for its high-speed combat, Dynasty Warriors is a franchise developed by Koei Tecmo that has become a staple of the hack-n’-slash genre.

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That reach goes so far that Koei has been allowed to develop Tecmo Warriors titles for franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem. Games like Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity bring signature Koei Tecmo action to The Legend of Zelda combat. With the success of these games, what other Nintendo series could see the genre take off?


8th Kid Icarus: Prepare for the Land Battle Pit!

It’s quite the comeback story for the Kid Icarus franchise. The series, which began life as an NES title alongside The Legend of Zelda and Metroid, disappeared for a few years before making a triumphant return on the 3DS with Kid Icarus: Uprising. With its wide variety of characters and various Greek-inspired locations to explore, the Kid Icarus franchise is perfect for the Warriors genre.

The games are already following Pit as he fights against large armies with various weapons. A possible Warriors spin-off would allow fans of this world to take control not only of Pit, but of the gods themselves. Taking control of Palutena’s powers or Viridi’s nature magic to decimate the underworld army sounds pretty exciting.

7 Xenoblade Chronicles: Fight to Live, Live to Fight

Xenoblade Chronicles: Shulk and Friends in the Plains of Gaur

The journey that Xenoblade Chronicles has taken over the years is impressive, ranging from a niche JRPG to one of Nintendo’s most iconic series. With the success of Xenoblade Chronicles since its release on the Nintendo Wii, perhaps now is the time to dive into the series for possible spin-offs.

The wide variety of characters and their unique arts and weapons would make for an extremely diverse roster to explore. Although Fire Emblem is similar, the “war-torn” setting of the world would make it perfect for this genre. As a continuation of what started with the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC, this title could also serve as a crossover between the worlds of all four Xenoblade games and allow for some heartwarming interactions between the many characters.

6 Pokemon: I choose you!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The trainers stand in front of the academy

If any franchise has dipped its toes in spin-offs, it’s Pokemon. With a collection of different genres, the Pokemon world seems poised to take on a Warriors-style game. If Pokken Tournament is anything, the variety of these creatures would make for a rich list with plenty of experimentation.

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This also applies to the enemy units with lots of Pokemon that you can take out. Customization could be a big component of this title, as you’ll change your Pokemon’s special moves to suit the battlefield boss. Taking a cue from Pokemon Unite, Legendary Pokemon could take on the role of these boss encounters.

5 Kirby: Warriors of the Planet Popstar

Kirby's Return To Dream Land Deluxe: Kirby jumps with his friends

The Kirby series is home to a well-loved cast of unforgettable characters that would make for an immersive time in a Warriors title. Kirby himself would transition incredibly well into this genre given his copying skills. These could allow him to change his entire move set mid-mission to counter any enemy presented to him.

Among these copying skills could be one that is specially designed for this game. Similar to games like Kirby Star Allies, classic friends and foes joined the fight to provide unique experiences that Kirby himself couldn’t.

4 The Wonderful 101: Unite for the Fight

the Wonderful 101: The Wonders Grouped

Anyone who owns a Wii U will perhaps have a look back at this one-of-a-kind title developed by Platinum Games. A game centered around a team of color-coded superheroes battling evil aliens with their specific weapons, this setup could of course make the leap to Warriors-style combat. Each Wonder Hero uses a unique weapon to fight.

From swords to whips to bombs to fists, you’re bound to find a character that fits your specific playstyle. The big cities defending the Wonders would be an ideal map to travel along while destroying some aliens.

3 Metroid: Target accomplished

Metroid Dread: Samus slides past the EMMI

What better character for a Warriors game than the one woman army himself, Samus Aran? Samus has endured multiple horrors in her long career as the galaxy’s most dangerous bounty hunter. Now imagine these full-scale battles against bosses like Ridley and Kraid in characteristic high-speed combat of a Warriors game.

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If this title existed, it could take full advantage of Samus’ vast arsenal of suits and upgrades to expand their combos. The roster wouldn’t need to suffer either, as the Metroid franchise has many bounty hunters introduced in previous titles to fill the playable cast with multiple options.

2 Splatoon: Fresh Fighting Warriors

Splatoon 3: Inkling and Octolings in a turf war

On the surface, a third-person shooter like Splatoon doesn’t seem like the best choice. However, if you take a closer look, you might see the potential in a Splatoon Warriors game. From a visual standpoint, this title would look insanely appealing due to Splatoon’s colorful setting, and with the introduction of the Salmonids in Splatoon 2, the series has plenty of unique enemies for the Inklings to splatter.

That said, nothing about the vast array of weapons and gear at your disposal to fully customize Inkling’s move set to your heart’s content.

1 Super Mario: Superstar of the Battlefield

Super Mario Odyssesy: Mario after collecting Cappy

Nintendo’s golden child has jumped between genres many times. From kart racers to turn-based RPGs, there seems to be nothing Mario can’t do. No wonder, then, that the world of Super Mario would make for one of the most unique Warriors games to be released. The extensive story of power-ups and characters covered the roster and combat, but where this universe would really shine in a title like this is in the maps.

Super Mario has several memorable locations from its 35+ year history, many of which could fit in nicely. Turning the Bob-Omb battlefield into a literal war zone or smashing through enemies in Super Mario Odyssey’s Metro Kingdom would make for a whole new experience.

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