Nitho products have always been popular especially in console gaming. They have made an effort to enrich and heighten console gaming to some degree. One of their most recent products is the Nitho 3 in 1 Gamer’s headset which works with PC, PC3 and Xbox 360. The first disclaimer to its impressiveness is the use of component cables. It has its own limitations when it comes to using the headset with HDMI. Though you can always find yourself a cable with a 3.5mm jack on one side and two RCA plugs on the other, it adds to the cost and also may lead to stereo problems.

Nevertheless, once you put on the headphones you’re in for a treat with marvelous sound quality and awesomely wide range of timbres. The sound emanating from the headphones is crisp and clear and it gets reasonably loud too without garbling of any sort.

We can say the same about chat functionality too. The mind blowing headphones won’t leave you disappointed either on PS3 or on Xbox 360.

The headphones may pose a problem if one uses them on multiple systems. You’ll find yourself trying to organize too many plugs as they cannot be set permanently to all three compatible devices simultaneously. It’s a bit of a letdown but worth the labor.
The headphones are fully adjustable and can be folded, thus increasing the degree of comfort. The ear cups are generously large and do not put excessive pressure on the user’s ears. The adjustable microphone can be unplugged from the earpiece when not in use, adding to the comfort level.

The headphones need to be plugged to a USB port to be used and thus a port is consumed no matter whichever device you are using them with. This seems a bit pointless for Xbox usage which is again a let-down. The cables for USB plug and the component plugs aren’t long enough and might require moving things around a bit, if too short.

There is an incline volume switch that has separate controls for game and chat volume. However there is no mic mute button, but it’s not really a necessity, given that we can just unplug the microphone.

Except the component cable usage and cable length, there seem to be no other letdowns. Its awesome sound quality is one of its best features which will definitely attract customers. Being versatile, nifty and tough, it’s an awesome headset to own as it does the job it is meant to do well.

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