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Published on November 17, 2021

Fully compliant with existing store policies, enables game developers to unlock revenue by increasing margins by 25% from currently paying users and new revenue from non-paying users

Mumbai –, the mobile cloud company, today introduced a first-of-its kind cloud payments and NFT-based monetization model for mobile games on the cloud and Apple and Google app stores. Together, they will significantly increase revenue for mobile game developers.

Cloud top-up payments give game developers 95% of the cut from in-app purchases, increasing their current margin by 25 basis points from presently paying users. NFT-based monetization, via an NFT marketplace, NFT gift cards and NFT game fan art, creates opportunities for new revenue for game developers from currently non-paying users.

“The two biggest trends impacting game developers are rising customer acquisition costs, triggered by IDFA, and the boom in NFT trading volume,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO, “For example, NFT trading volume crosses $4 billion a month, which annualized, is about half of the global mobile market. That kind of traction is mind-blowing and just shows how much money is left on the table for developers, who deserve a new model. The mobile cloud greatly boosts developer margins and presents new NFT based monetization channels. We believe this will become a much larger monetization opportunity than the current in-app and app store models. This kind of developer margin and user freedom is transformative – this is the true future of gaming.” cloud payments was developed in response to the surge of international mobile gaming popularity, low-margin app store policies, and the explosion of NFT trading. Although the mobile gaming market is projected to be $29.1 billion in 2022, only 5% of mobile gamers today make in-app purchases, which leaves a lot of money on the table for developers. Cloud top-up payments significantly increase the margin from these paying users. Once game developers integrate cloud payments, gamers go to the game developer website to make a top-up payment, using real money or crypto currencies like BTC, TC, ETH, DOGE. The NFT marketplace targets the currently 95% non paying users, unlocking an entirely new revenue stream for game developers. The marketplace enables users to buy, trade, and keep digital collectibles.This combination of higher margins and new revenue sources is not possible with current app store policies, shifts the opportunity back to developers, and adds more value for the gamer. was founded to empower the developer and offer gamers an entirely new mobile gaming experience.’s mobile cloud dramatically changes the reach, potential, and business model for game developers by enabling developers to create, share, and monetize their games on the cloud, versus in apps. is on track to have over a billion minutes of games played on its platform within the year and with the addition of cloud payments, developers can significantly increase their opportunity while offering gamers new and unique ways to buy and trade NFTs.

“The profile of a mobile gamer is going through a generational transformation – who plays mobile games, where they play, and how they play is constantly changing“, said Bai Xue, producer at Perfect World. “ cloud payments not only offer a new source of revenue for developers, but also introduce more meaningful ways to engage non-paying customers. We pride ourselves on offering a unique and valuable experience to our customers and with cloud payments, everyone stands to win.”

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