iPods are by far the bestselling portable media players. This is why we see so many attachments, accessories and docks specifically for iPods. Another one to attach itself to the iPod Fidelio docking speaker — a different type of iPod dock that does not have a number of speakers embedded. Instead this docking station is built on one large speaker driver. The result — it produces really loud resonance.

The front sports an LED clock that isn’t the brightest out there. In fact, it washes out a bit under direct light. But it does get automatically updated according to the time that has been set on the docked IPod. Another set of LED illuminates the bottom of the dock that can be accessed via the brightness button on the dock.
The volume keys and clock brightness keys are also placed well on top. But amazingly there is no remote supplied with the dock to manage these and other iPod functions. As for the sound, it is really nice. A good feature, or rather a component, that Philips has smartly included is a powerful USB port behind the dock to charge USB-powered devices. But we still can’t get past why there isn’t a remote with this dock.

Verdict: If you can walk to the dock every time you want to change a song, then buy this.

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