PlayStation Store Sale Lets Users Buy Certain Games for Just 12 Cents

The PlayStation Store is currently offering an Indie game sale that allows users to purchase multiple games for as low as 12 cents.


Black Friday is around the corner which means that many online and retail stores will be offering games and all manner of other items with massive discounts. The PlayStation Store has decided to jump the gun and offer some big discounts on its online storefront before the shopping holiday even begins.

Black Friday is a massive event for video game companies as many consumers wait nearly all year to be able to purchase video games and consoles at a discounted price. PlayStation has decided to capitalize on this by offering an indie sale on the PlayStation Store where consumers can buy some indie titles for dirt cheap.


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A recent leak has claimed that games will not be the only items heavily discounted on the PlayStation Store as PS Plus subscriptions are alleged to be 33% off this Black Friday. The leak also alleges that there will be a host of AAA titles heavily discounted so PlayStation users should keep their eyes peeled.

In the meantime, however, the PlayStation Store is currently offering some indie games for as little as 12 US cents. The games on offer at this ridiculous low price are: Violetti Goottii, Timberman Vs, No Thing, Gunducky Industries++, Newtonian Inversion, Ascendshaft, Endless Shaft, and Lizard Lady vs the Cats. None of these games will sound particularly familiar to most gamers but at $1.46 for all of the games listed, it is a difficult offer to pass up.

The PlayStation Store recently offered a Remasters and Retro sale that, unfortunately, ended November 17 that offered some decent discounts such as The Last of Us Remastered at 50% off. PlayStation seems to be going all out this festive season in order to capture the market as it has offered a multitude of discounts in the lead-up to Black Friday with the best discounts likely yet to come.

The green team is hardly going down without a fight though as the Microsoft Store has arguably been offering even better deals on even more sought-after games. The Microsoft Store recently offered games like Hades and Hitman 3 for up to 75% off, however, unfortunately, this sale also came to an end on November 15 but there will surely be more discounts to come on Black Friday.

The winner between the companies will seemingly be the one that can ship more consoles come Black Friday as this will ultimately decide which company will sell more games in the upcoming year.

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