Porsche develops new technology that tells when a car needs service

Porsche has developed a new technology that creates a virtual replica of the original car and using different algorithms, it can detect and predict when a car needs servicing. The technology is called Digital Twin.

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The Porsche Digital Twin technology is claimed to have a combination of algorithms and it uses a host of sensor data and big data to recommend service based on the driving style of the driver. For example, the system may recommend a service required for suspension or the engine depending on what are the different driving patterns or other aspects of driving behaviour etc.

Overall, the Digital Twin system can anticipate any fault before they actually take place. This will not only ensure the driver’s peace of mind with timely recommendations but will help the mechanics too with the necessary information about the problems the car’s system is having. This technology can save the vehicle owner from shelling out more money for severe damage.

The German high-performance luxury car maker under the umbrella of Volkswagen Group doesn’t plan to launch the Digital Twin service until 2022. The automaker is already testing the technology in various prototypes. Around half of Porsche Taycan EV consumers have volunteered for the pilot program that anonymously monitors the electric cars’ air suspension for body acceleration.

The Digital Twin system is expected to let the automakers ditch fixed maintenance schedules in favour of driver-specific maintenance recommendations. The user will have a digital record of the vehicle’s problems service history.

This could also spawn out a new business solution for automotive OEMs. They can sell the technology as a value-added service or bundle it with an additional package for a price. However, Porsche is yet to disclose any further details about the Digital Twin technology.

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