If there is one thing that people, have been waiting for what seems like eternity is the Google Nexus 5.This is the smart phone that is expected to take over the last smart phone from Google and that is the Nexus 4. The tech giant, Google has been particularly mum about the possibilities of a ne Nexus. What people are left with are just speculations.

Will They, Won’t They

The possibility if the next Nexus is looking brighter by the day. When Google failed to announce if it was releasing another smart phone in March, people were visibly disappointed.  It has been roughly a year since the release of the nexus 4. This has had people forming all kinds of assumptions. From a moment, it looked like Google would not release a Nexus 5. That has however changed since the announcement of the Android KitKat. The logic is that the next Nexus will be the one carrying the Android update.

The release date of the Nexus 5 has been a subject of great debate. At the moment, the word is that it will be in October 15.This word however, is not an official communication from Google. It is just a rumor that is being floated around as is the case whenever a new smart phone is about to hit the market. Until then, people will keep on speculating. Most of this is not random speculation though, more like educated guesses. The Android 4.4 update is expected to come out in October and it seems only logical that the next Nexus smart phone would too.

Google has to release a new Nexus to keep up with the smart phone market. A year is a very long time in the gadget market. Releasing a Nexus 5 is what Google needs to do to stay in the game. One of its competitors already released its latest smart phone and Google can’t afford to play catch up anymore. An October release would be just a month after the release of the latest iPhone. That means people are already waiting for something new. Another Nexus would be just the right thing to feed that anticipation.

Another reason why there is speculation of an October release is the fact that Google has sold out the Nexus 4. They of course can’t do this unless they had something planned. Google has been known for its innovations and they can’t afford to lose that reputation. That is why a new gadget is in order for consumers. There is excitement on what Google is going to do with the next smart phone. The rumors about the possible features of the Nexus 5 are all over the internet.

There have also been leaks of what looks like a new Nexus. The design is similar to that of the G2 from LG. LG is said to be the manufacturer of the Google Nexus 5. These leaks have shown the smart phone operating on the updated version of the Android. These are some of the bits and pieces of information that have led to the speculations about an October release. It looks like a new Nexus is something that consumers can expect to see any time soon.

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