The communication of information in our modern world can take so many forms. The arrival of mobile phone technology has become what we now see as the main method of communication, but we need to remember there are countless methods that have been part of our lives for decades. Moving signs and LED signs that feed us information of varying sorts have been a part of society and still play an important part.

When it comes to powering these communication systems, there are a whole range of power supplies and methods to do so. These are vital in ensuring that the company, or individual, that is trying to communicate a message can do so, no matter what.

What are communication systems?

There are a vast range of communication systems all vital to everyday life, many requiring specialist power supplies. The main modern day communication systems are:

  • Mobile communications
  • Networking communications
  • Broadcasting communications
  • Telecommunication technology
  • LED signs
  • Audio visual communications

Each of these systems are all completely different, but have a very similar aim. Whether it is to communicate a single message to millions of people, or to communicate a lot of messages with just one.

Communication systems have been around for longer than we may like to believe, but with the advances in modern technology, these are the main ones we use today. Without power, these systems would not work. If these systems did not work, then we would be without communication.

The issues around power supplies mainly revolve around the continuous supply of power. If power is disrupted or fails then the equipment can fail and the effects can be devastating. For example if the power supplies for a hospital data centre fail the effects can be life threatening. If the power supply to an LED moving sign fails the effects can be catastrophic!

Solutions for communication system power supplies

There are some specific requirements for specialist communications equipment, for example in telecommunications. They may often need an uninterrupted power supply (or UPS) which are used around data centres and other equipment where a continuous supply of power is required.

UPS’s differ from emergency power supply systems such as generators. They will ensure that virtually no disruption to the data system is experienced should there be a power outage.

Uninterruptable power supplies could be described as a large battery. Some UPS’s are large enough to provide instant power for whole data centres. Others are smaller and are designed to provide power for something as small as a computer.

Some equipment like LED moving signs may or may not need a UPS; it will completely depend on the specific area of communication.

The poor performance in the past of the telecommunications industry was at the centre of the decision to create a more stable power supply for communications.

The drive for more stability in power supplies resulted in lower production costs of communications power supplies. Certain features come as part of that power supply for communications systems, such as:

  • Universal AC input/full range
  • Up to 86% high efficiency
  • Protections such as short circuit/overload/over voltage/over heating
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • Conformal coated
  • Technology to reduce power dissipation

These features ensure that there is minimal or no disruption to communication systems. The equipment will be fully protected if the power was to short circuit or overheat and businesses would be able to operate as normal.

Depending on the type of system your company, or you as an individual, needs to power you will find a whole range of solutions that will match your requirements. Whether it is a stable power supply, or something more like a UPS.

Those who are unsure on the right power supply for them should trust the advice of an expert in the field. You will find that certain companies will work solely with communications power supplies, meaning they can match your requirements with the correct solution.


Communication systems come in all shapes and forms, some more common than others. We have been using certain types for decades, whereas some are much newer to us.

If one of these systems were to fail, then there could be serious consequences. This is why it is essential that you have the correct power supply for your system and that they have certain features that will ensure no loss of data or otherwise.

An article by Nathan Griffiths who advises you use Sunpower UK for all your power supply requirements.