Everyone wants to save money and most people know that when a computer needs repairs, it can get very expensive very quickly. However; this is a very bad way to save money, because you could be costing yourself a lot of money in the long run. In addition, your time and frustration should have a monetary value.

Maintaining Your Guarantee

If you read the guarantee that comes with most electronic items, you’ll see that usually it says something like “ If you open or adjust any component of this item, your guarantee will be null and void.” That means that if you, even with the best of intentions, tamper with your item at all, the company will no longer be required to follow with any guarantee. Following through with that line of thought, if your power supply (a relatively cheap fix) goes out and you repair it, the hard drive won’t be repaired by the manufacturer if it goes out after that, even if it’s during a time period that would ordinarily be covered.


Even someone who is handy with maintaining other items, could find that electronic items require different skills and equipment. To be able to test electronics, you will need tools that are very specific, and you may never need them again. Once you factor in the cost of books and tools, it could be less expensive to just pay someone with the training and appropriate certification to do it for you.

Hard Drives are Fragile

Hard drives are fragile and can easily result in losing all of your data if you damage them. You could easily damage the hard drive when you are attempting to repair another part to your computer. If your hard drive is damaged, you’d then have to hire someone to replace your hard drive. You probably just made it more expensive for them.

Little Parts, Big Parts

A computer, whether it’s a notebook or a desktop, has many little parts that connect with bigger parts. It seems easy to take it apart, but when you’re putting it back together, it can seem like the numbers of parts multiplied when your back was turned. Experts know how to put everything back in a way that makes it look like it was never touched, so it’s a good idea to let them.

Software or Hardware

A professional will be able to determine what the problem is, and to react accordingly. If you make the wrong determination, you have to undo what you did, and that is a problem in its own right. There are simply many different things that can go wrong with your computer and you might not know them all.

There are so many reasons to not try to do the repairs to your computer yourself that it can be difficult to list them all. It is obvious, however, that this is one situation where it’s a better idea to give an educated professional your problem and get back a working computer.

About the Author: Dona Collins is a huge fan of technology but knows she doesn’t have what it takes to make a computer repairs on her own. She highly recommends Modis IT Staffing agency or a local PC repair shop for your personal or business computer repair needs.

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