It is really irritating when people treat their mobile phones as entertainment system. Not the ones who listen to music using headphones but that category of people who play it using the dreadful external speakers housed in the phone. The music sounds terrible and trust me, it takes all the charm away from listening to music. If you are bent on making others listen to what you want to, use the Go Rock Cube instead. It definitely tops all other devices on the coolness scale.

The device consists of two speakers that are held together with a powerful magnet. To use all we have to do is pull them apart, connect the retractable power cable, plug in to our music player via the 3.5mm jack and enjoy the good quality music emanating from the device. Cooler still, we can connect the speakers to our phone via Bluetooth. Both speakers have an extendable base that houses the controls like volume and track selection that is required when used with Bluetooth. The various retractable cables are stored in the speaker bases. There is also a USB cable that can be used to charge the device’s internal battery.

The device is extremely user-friendly and offers a perfect solution to portable music. It is rather a neat compact package thanks to the fact that everything can be deftly housed in the unit when not in use. Setting up the device is pretty simple and the retractable cables are indeed grand and impressive. The sound quality is decent but it has let us down in a couple of places. There is a warp at higher volumes in the higher notes. The bass performance is not exactly disappointing but it could have been better.

There is a lot of room for improvement where sound quality is concerned. Nevertheless, it can be graded as reasonably good. The device has a commendable battery life and the Bluetooth facility adds to the flexibility and uniqueness of the device especially when it is used with a smartphone. One of the features of this device is that it is rechargeable thus saving us from battery problems.

The speakers are well-made and seem durable. The extended bases too seem to be tough. The magnets that hold the bases together are strong and it is unlikely that one drops one of the speakers while holding the other.
The Go Rock Cube makes use of surround sound technology as a result of which it provides outstanding stereo. One of its letdowns is that the power cable is rather short. But again, a long cable would have counted against its tractability.

Running a disco with these speakers wouldn’t be a great idea but this is the device for small gatherings. The Go Rock Cube is the perfect non-messy and non-fussy solution to portable music. Its compact build, awesome design and decent sound delivery make it stand out.

So, the next time you want to listen to music, do not torture others with your phone’s integrated speaker. Be cool enough to use the Go Rock Cube instead.

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