Go Rock Mobile Speakers are exactly what their name suggests- portable, pocket size speakers that are designed to astound. This device is the definitive solution to every music fan that faces the dilemma of sharing their music with friends on a phone with third rate speakers. The first major advantage of the speakers is its size. It is petite, chic and extremely light. This rechargeable stereo speaker set is held together by powerful magnets strategically placed at the base of the units to improve portability. In order to use them, we just need to split them apart, connect the retractable power cable from one speaker to another and plug the input cable (again retractable) into a music player (such as an MP3 player or a phone).

Coming to the most important point we need to consider before buying a speaker set – sound quality. First, the speakers ensure fairly loud sound (after all that is what speakers are for!). Second, the sound clarity is exceptional, with little to no distortion. And third, since it has a concertina system, those who want a little extra bass can extend the speakers a bit to give a ‘bass boost’. However, this last feature has not been developed well enough and the user will not notice much of a difference. This seems like the only flaw in an otherwise perfect device. However, keeping in mind its other advantages, it is easy to overlook this minor quandary. On the whole, it is quite apparent that when it comes to delivering excellent sound quality, Go Rock has not left any stone unturned.

Next we look at the more technical aspect. The battery life of these speakers is pretty good. They can be used without charging for six hours which is ideal if you are looking for good sound while travelling. The device comes with retractable cables which increases its portability. It has a 4W output and comes with a USB recharge function. So as far as the technology is concerned, Go Rock gives the user no chance to complain.

The price of this speaker set is pretty sensible, which means that you won’t need to worry about that hole in your pocket while trying to enjoy quality music. Considering the sound quality and portability, Go Rock Mobile Speakers seem like a smart venture.

All in all, these speakers seem like the perfect solution for people who want to find the equilibrium between carrying good sound around while still travelling light. These diminutive speakers are big on quality and are extremely convenient to carry. In short, right now, these are your best bet.

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