If you haven’t traveled in a while then you are probably a bit behind on the newest technologies that many hotels have been offering. It’s amazing because every time we turn around, it seem as though something new and more exciting has been added to hotel rooms everywhere. While it can be hard to know what to choose, we thought we would help you out a bit by letting you in on a few of our favorite technologies that we think every room should have. Even if you only test them out once, you’re going to be glad you did. It’s nice to live like Kings and Queens once in a while.

High Definition Television

If you are going to be watching a lot of television while in your hotel room, then you might as well have a room that has a TV you can enjoy. These days High Definition Televisions are something that every room should have. If you want to take things a step farther, you can even see if there are rooms at the hotels in the area that offer 3D. This way, you can enjoy some great movies, TV shows and even games in a brand new way. This is going to be especially fun for the children who are on vacation with you; giving them something completely new and exciting to do to pass the time, especially on those rainy days where you feel like lounging around the hotel and using room service.

High Speed Internet

Even if you won’t be on the web often, you might as well find a hotel that has high speed internet. You never know if you may need it for something important. Never go for anything less than high speed because getting anything done even if it’s as simple as checking your email is going to end up being a struggle and that’s the last thing you want. What’s so nice about high speed internet is the fact that if you have more than one person on the web at any given time, you aren’t going to notice a change in speed. You can surf, watch movies, play games and just about anything else and not have to wait for things to load.

Lights and Temperature that Fluctuate on their Own

If you have the additional money to spend, you may want to get a room that has lights and temperature controls that are extra fancy. Did you know a lot of hotels has lights that turn on and off as you enter or leave a room? This is going to help you, especially if you are rooming with children who like to mess with lights. The same can happen when it comes to the temperature. It can fluctuate depending on whether or not someone is in the room. This is a pretty neat feature that we were shocked that we hadn’t heard of until recently. It’s just as nice as it sounds. We want it at home!

About the author: Luke Carter is travel blogger and write about how to enjoy to your fullest while on a vacation. He recommends visiting Day Spa Victoria for an awesome spa experience while in Melbourne.

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