The full HD 1080p display standard was started last year by HTC for the smartphones and accordingly other brands followed this standard. Now there exists ten’s of smartphone that carries full HD display. Now here comes the rumor of Galaxy S6 smartphone which will carry the 2K resolution display. However, Galaxy S5 release date is still awaiting but there would be full HD 1080p display in S5, which would be better in efficiency and color tenderization.

2160p resolution display of Galaxy S6 sounds impressive and amazing but how Samsung will give it a shape in such a small size of 5.2 is challenging. On the other hand, the processor chip would also be special as Samsung has hinted about its very first Exynos 64-bit chipset. And accordingly, this chip would be powering S5 smartphone and later on, 8-core processor 64-bit chip will be powering S6 smartphone.

Also, 4GB RAM would appear for the very first time in a smartphone with the launch of Galaxy S6. Earlier rumors suggested, presence of 4GB RAM in Galaxy S5 but now, it has been confirmed by many web sources that 3GB RAM would only present in S5. However, as discussed above, the new RAM memory standard would be started with S6.

New year 2014 would welcome the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone as Samsung is launching it in Jan moreover, in the same year Galaxy S6 will appear in the market because the competition pressure on Samsung is reducing the sales growth as other brands are walking on the same road with same specifications smartphone. So be ready, if you are planning to buy S5 and you are short with your fund then wait and watch for Galaxy S6 action as few analysts are commenting, either Samsung has to launch it 2014 or Samsung will launch it by itself.

In both of the above discussed case, Samsung fans will enjoy because fans want something new every day. And every day concept is not possible, but every year two Samsung Galaxy S smartphone sounds practical too. Let’s see, how Samsung will bring it and impress people around, till then you can follow blog for keeping yourself in touch with latest S6 and S5 updates.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 with 64-bit chipset, 4GB RAM and 2160p resolution display rumoured

  1. Wow if these will be the specifications of this new upcoming phone named as galaxy S6 by Samsung i am sure it will be selling like hot cakes.

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