Despite being the thinnest smartphone out in the market today, the Samsung Infuse 4G also boasts the title as the smartphone with the biggest screen. When we say the biggest, we mean the BIGGEST! The Samsung Infuse 4G is armed with a 4.5 inch screen. Display can now be enjoyed with an 800 x 480 pixel quality. Take note that the technology used with the screen display is similar to those used with tablet devices. Considering its wide display size, Samsung Infuse 4G is also considered as one of the slimmest smartphone out there. This in turn makes the Samsung Infuse 4G extremely light as well.

The camera function is excellent. Samsung Infuse 4G has camera functions such as Auto Focus, Face Detection and Macro. Effects and modes like Sports, Portrait and Sepia are also available. These features serve very well in entrapping excellent photos and High Definition videos. And as an added bonus, a front facing camera is also installed. This is mainly used for video conferencing and calling.

Samsung Infuse 4G has a 4.1 Dolby audio that extremely enhances sound quality of songs. Interface and transfer of files is readily manageable since you can just drag and drop musical files when downloading or connected with an external device. The smartphone also supports the playback of HD videos.

As for adaptability, Samsung Infuse 4G will be having no problems when traveling the world. Since it’s a GSM, you can insert the appropriate SIM for each destination. All calls are audible and instances of dropped calls. The virtual keyboard is another matter, though. The auto-function of the installed keyboard causes annoying problems that you really need to upload a new keyboard application.

Because of the large build of the Samsung Infuse 4G; it is understandable that the battery will be drained very fast.

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Samsung Infuse 4G

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