Samsung introduces ISOCELL HP2, a 200 megapixel image sensor for premium smartphones

Samsung unveiled its latest 200-megapixel image sensor on Tuesday – ISOCELL HP2with improved pixel technology and full-well capacity for a high-resolution image experience in premium smartphones.

The company said the new image sensor has entered mass production.

“The Samsung ISOCELL HP2 leverages Samsung’s cutting-edge high-resolution image sensor technologies and know-how for epic detail,” Joon Seo YimExecutive Vice President of Sensor Business at Samsung electronicssaid in a statement.

“Our leadership is based on innovative pixel technologies that enable our sensors to go beyond the number and size of pixels,” he added.

Samsung’s new 200-megapixel image sensor will increase capacity for maximum pixel performance, enabling detailed and seamless photos in all lighting conditions, the company said.

The 200-megapixel image sensor contains 200 million 0.6-micron pixels, a sensor size widely used in mainstream 108-megapixel smartphone cameras, allowing consumers to enjoy even higher resolutions in the latest high-end smartphones without enjoying major camera bumps in their devices.

With Samsung’s new Dual Vertical Transfer Gate technology, washed-out images from brightly lit environments can be significantly reduced with the new image sensor, the company says.

In addition, for excellent HDR performance, the company introduces for the first time the DSG function in 50MP mode, which applies two separate conversion values ​​to the analog signal received at the pixel level.


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