Samsung is showing an ultra-bright 2,000-nit OLED display that could soon hit Galaxy phones

During CES 2023, Samsung Display announced that one of its OLED smartphone displays was certified and received a 2,000 nit luminance certification.

This year at CES, Samsung is giving us a glimpse of its latest products by showcasing its new TVs, monitors, smartphones and even connected devices like the SmartThings Station. While the company boasts an impressive range of products for the new year, it also boasts new technologies such as the highest 2,000 nit luminance verification.

Today, Samsung Display shared the achievement with the world, citing that its OLED display has received the Ultra Dynamic Range (UDR) mark, awarded by UL Solutions, a company that describes itself as a “world leader in the field of Safety Science” means the company helps “demonstrate safety, improve sustainability, strengthen safety, deliver quality, manage risk and achieve regulatory compliance.” UL Solutions awarded Samsung two grades, UDR 1,500 and UDR 2,000, certifying that its OLED display can reach scores of up to 1,500 and 2,000 nits, respectively.

While you may not crank up your display’s brightness for maximum visual fidelity, a screen that can achieve higher brightness comes in handy on bright, sunny days or under similarly bright lighting conditions. With smartphones, this can easily happen since we can take our phones outside almost every day. Without higher screen brightness, the display would be washed out and no longer readable.

If you’re reading this and think you’ve seen this technology before, you wouldn’t be wrong. Apple announced last year that its display in the iPhone 14 Pro could reach up to 2,000 nits if needed. Although Apple hasn’t officially stated it, its displays are supplied by Samsung, and some are even supplied by LG starting this year. Although Samsung didn’t state this in its press release, we can most likely assume that this display will be available in some of its handsets in 2023. Samsung hasn’t announced a date for its next mobile phone event, but reports are surfacing that it could happen sometime in February.

source: Samsung display

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