recently started to build high performance phones with screen touch. ThisĀ  Samsung SGH-A877 Impression has a perfect screen touch technology and a nice keyboard. The excelent display is everything to this cell phone, and maybe that’s the reason all people want to see it at the tech shows.

Samsung SGH-A877 Impression was called The Best Phone at the CTIA by Cnet. This phone isn’t perfect, but is very good. Why isn’t perfect ? Well, Samsung didn’t managed to add a flash to it’s camera, so you will take photos only on day. Also, battery life is very short. let’s talk about the good ones. This is a Quad Band phone with 3G technology and wireless internet connection. The design and it’s features tell us that this is a business phone. Why ? Well, I’m pretty sure there are not so much phones with an 2000 contacts phone book, and every contact has birthdate, e-mail adress, street adress and one or several phone numbers. Also, you can group each contact in a groupt and add some photos too.

When comes to messaging, this phone is a master. But it dissapointed us with the e-mails. The AT&T Mobile offers AOL, Gmail, Yahoo! e-mail, but this phone doesn’t have acces to IMAP4 accounts.

Well, good or bad, this is a quality business phone. The price starts at $399, but you can be sure this phone won’t let you down.

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Samsung SGH-A877 Impression

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