Serious Sam 4 Gets Surprise Release On Xbox Game Pass

Serious Sam pointing a rifle at a one eye extra terrestial enemy.

Screenshot: Devolver Digital

Xbox has started to release games on its popular Game Pass subscription service without announcing them, and it’s starting to feel like an advent calendar. Serious Sam 4 was previously only available on the PC and Stadia, but it got a surprise launch on the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 today, as well as a surprise inclusion on Game Pass.

Originally spotted by VG247, Serious Sam 4 is a first person shooter in which you defend earth from an army of extra-terrestrial invaders. In addition to a single-player campaign, the alien shooter also includes a co-op mode for up to four players.

The game wasn’t a hit when it first launched on PC, but the developers have had a year to optimize it for the latest generation of consoles. Besides, there’s no better time to try a game than when it’s free. However, interestingly, it’s not available for players who own an Xbox One (or, for that matter, a PS4). If you’re really interested in trying Serious Sam 4, you can still buy the game on PC.

Just last week, Xbox added Townscaper and Generation Zero to the subscription service unannounced. I find it a little odd for a major platform holder to attempt zero marketing for free games, but the surprise additions definitely add a nice feeling of serendipity for players who are subbed to Game Pass.

However, we’re still in the midst of a console shortage that Microsoft says will continue into 2022. Since Serious Sam 4 isn’t available on the Xbox One, the game is currently being review bombed by players who weren’t lucky enough to secure and Xbox Series X/S. Calm down, y’all. I’m sure that Microsoft isn’t personally prejudiced against players who couldn’t beat the scalpers. We’re a week into December, and you’ve already got Stardew Valley, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Warhammer 40K: Battlesector. You’re getting Halo: Infinite tomorrow. There’s really no need to get worked up over an indie Doom that you probably won’t have strong feelings about by the time that you start downloading Halo.

For those lucky enough to have an Xbox Series X/S and a Game Pass subscription, I hope the game tides you over until Halo’s single-player campaign drops tomorrow.

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