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After a pandemic-related hiatus house beautiful traveled to Las Vegas this month to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the wonderland for tech lovers around the world. From smart cars to robotic dogs, CES spotlights new and innovative products (that you didn’t even know could exist). There have been countless innovative products that caught our attention, but we’ve narrowed the list down to the products that we’re confident will improve home life in 2023.

Of course, CES isn’t complete without finding out what teams like LG, Samsung and GE have in the works. We also captured various trends in entertainment and cross-generational launches. This annual show features products you’ll be dying to buy, but some of these clever finds are even available now! Below we’ve listed the exciting product launches for 2023 and added some technical gems we’ve missed since our participation in 2020. Enjoy cool kitchen appliances, robot vacuum cleaners and much more.

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Cync™ Dynamic Effects

From your gaming station to your living room, GE Lighting’s new line of products is the secret to entertaining in style. With the capacity to display 16 million colors and custom lighting, the Dynamic Effects collection leads the lighting industry. The new products can even be synced to music to lift your spirits and bring all the drama your space is looking for. The Dynamic Effects line is available through panels, light bars and panels. The possibilities for creating moments in your home are endless, including a stunning outdoor display for the holidays.

under cabinet strip light, $44.98,

With a warm and inviting new canvas design, the Hatch Restore 2 is set to provide a pre-wake pick-me-up. The sunrise alarm clock offers sleep stories, guided prompts to rest and soothing sounds. From white noise to ocean waves, you’ll sleep peacefully and wake up to the alarm blaring to greet you. The Restore 2 includes morning meditations and stretches.

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Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar

Enhance your home cinema experience with the most powerful soundbar in the Samsung range. The HW-Q990C can isolate individual tones and route them through the soundbar and TV speakers. The Spacefit feature adapts the sound to any room you place it in for a custom quality. The soundbar system can even detect the background noise in your home and improve dialogue when it’s time for a movie night! From the crystal clear adaptive sound to the quiet night listening option, your household can enjoy the soundbar at any time of the day.

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If you’re still undecided about investing in a robot vacuum, Roborock’s S8 Pro Ultra is tempting enough to make the swap as it’s compatible with all surfaces! The mop automatically rises when it’s on carpet, scrubs hardwood floors, and after cleaning can return to the all-in-one docking station to dispose of dirty mopping water. It can also wash itself and self-drying so your to-do list essentially takes care of itself. An update of the S7 model, this device features a dual squeegee roller brush for easy dirt removal.

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This is the most stylish projector I have ever seen. Winner of the CES 2023 Innovation Award, this projector delivers an incredible 240Hz Ultra High viewing experience and 4K resolution. The device has a built-in full-range speaker and an additional 15W to improve the sound. This beauty will make any entertainment room proud thanks to Dolby surround sound support. The sad news? We have to wait a while for it to reach the American market.

date open,

The moment we stepped on this hoverboard, we knew we were going to completely rethink our home gym setup. Combined with an app that offers one-on-one posture training and coaching, the Hover Gym uses motor control technology that allows you to train without separate dumbbells. Engine technology can also increase or decrease preferred weight loading based on your work goals.

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Caffeine lovers, get that extra punch with Fellow’s newest coffee grinder, perfect for finely ground espresso and more. With single-dose filling, a 110-gram funnel, tool-free calibration, a volumetric dosing lid, and the ability to auto-stop, this small but mighty device has everything you need to upgrade your coffee corner. If you’re familiar with the Fellow lineup, compared to the Ode Gen 2, the Opus is an affordable option that gets the job done.

February 21, $195,

The Dawn House bed is an integrated sleep system that brilliantly offers consumers dignity through various bed features: adjustable height, optional support rail, anti-snoring settings, an under-bed motion light sensor and more. You can also track the quality of their sleep with app updates they share! The sensors monitor heart rate, breathing, and sleep levels to let you know about sudden changes. Check out this impressive CES Innovation Award winner. Rest assured your guests will feel comfort, ease and confidence.

Queen, $5,9995

Join the Jetsons with Tineco’s new foray into the kitchen space. A fun option for anyone who is a beginner or tired of making the same meals over and over again. This sous chef guides you through the cooking process with video and audio. Your meals will be prepared quickly and without much effort. An intelligent feeding system makes room for condiments and the built-in scale can measure the ingredients. Our favorite feature? This wonderful appliance features a one-touch self-cleaning system, so even the toughest foods can be removed with a high-temperature steam cleaning.

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Who says storytelling can only be reserved for bedtime? Tonies make story time twice as fun for your family with screen-free narration narrated by their favorite characters! Place the Tonie (cuddly toy or toy figure) on the box and your child can enjoy songs and stories to enjoy and pass on to their siblings. If your relative lives far away, they can even download stories for their own character to make it feel like they are at home.

Playtime, $99.99,

If your household is strictly plant-based milk, you can finally make milk at home with a device that doesn’t take up your entire counter and time. This milk brewer makes up to 10 different plant-based milk options in about 6 minutes, which means you avoid lecithin and xanthan gum, additives commonly found in store-bought non-dairy alternatives. Select the plant, measure the water and plant ratio, and the built-in filtration system grinds it all until the milk is dispensed.

Preorder, $599,

The Pronto is the ultimate kitchen helper for large families! As you cook on the stovetop, the Pronto works quickly to sauté, pressure cook, ferment, scale, steam, slow cook, or sterilize. CookingPal also launched Alto, the world’s first smart air fryer lid that attaches to the Pronto. With this attachment you can roast, grill, bake and air fry! The dynamic duo feature offers recipe inspiration and step-by-step instructions for cooking new dishes (including progress updates!). With so many features, you’ll never run out of dinner ideas.

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Smart hummingbird feeder

Calling all bird watchers: run, don’t go to the most advanced and beautiful bird feeder on the market. Bird Buddy’s latest invention uses AI to capture photos and videos of over 300 species of hummingbirds with wing speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. You can even record visits in real-time via a heartbeat map that monitors Bird Buddy owners across the country. Release dates for this clever feeder aren’t available yet, but you can buy the original Bird Buddy today.

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Imunsen foot and body dryer

End your bath mat buying cycle with a powerful foot and body dryer. The device is antibacterial, has non-slip rubber nubs on the underside and a weight sensor. With a push of a button you can switch from cool to warm settings or adjust the wind power control. Plus, it’s a great option for drying off your pup!

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Reduce food waste in your home with a composter that uses 90% of your food waste as organic fertilizer for your garden. The Prime continuously composts food waste so you can keep it running all day. Using microbial technology, the filter prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. It is not only easy to care for, but also odor-free! It includes a three-layer filter system that lasts up to a year (the brand provides a second filter for free). The motion sensor is also activated to open the device to facilitate food insertion.

Star White, $499,

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