Sony just had an incredible idea, to make a pair of headphones with a MP3 player, all in one ! This gadget is very easy to use, and it has an unique and cool way to browse your favorite songs.

Sony NWZ-W202 is a great alternative to listen music for active people, who just want something slim and easy to work with. Making an MP3 player incorporated into a simple headphone device is the best idea that somebody could have. Even if Sony didn’t bother to add much features to this gadget, the 2 GB MP3 player is a unique tool that will make people say “WOW !”.

If you want some new technology, well you won’t find them here. For the $ 69 price of this gadget, which is very low, it won’t give you any Bluetooth or FR.

You will fall in love with this gadget only if you will test it hard. Try jogging, jumping or walking and it will be at his place anytime. There is no screen because was designed to be something very easy and small. The music plays straight in alphanumeric order, or you can activate the shuffle switch if you want custom playback. This little tool plays MP3, WMA and AAC (but only this !).

It’s lovely design and performance make this gadget one of the best MP3 players launched by Sony. Try it, is great !

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