Have you ever wanted the world to see just what you see, without the need for phones, cameras or camcorders? Recording video and taking pictures and sharing it all with the world is about to become a whole lot easier. All you’ll need is a pair of glasses.

Glasses feature recording equipment and sunglasses mode

But not just any old glasses. A company called Vergence Labs has created a prototype pair of techno glasses that can record whatever the user sees, with a lens and recording equipment hidden in the arm. The glasses also feature a ‘magic button’ between the eyes, which turn them into sunglasses.

Much has been made of Google’s ‘Project Glass’ a similar project also in its infancy, which will potentially allow users to capture images and manage their work and social lives before their very eyes.

But whereas Google’s prototype glasses are the epitome of minimalist, futuristic elegance, Vergence Labs have modelled their creation on the geek culture, with their glasses looking more suited towards Austin Powers or Clarke Kent, rather than a character from The Matrix or Star Trek.

Producers currently seeking investment for ground breaking product

Vergence Labs, are currently seeking funding to finance the production of their video glasses, which are currently being produced as prototypes using 3D printers. They have already acquired $22,000 of the $50,000 they need and are somewhat ironically renting an office in Silicon Valley formerly owned by potential rivals Google.

Is this the next step of social media?

Vergence hope that their glasses will be a huge hit with Facebook and YouTube users, where point-of-view videos will be a unique way for users to ‘capture the moment’.

A spokesperson for Vergence said: “Recording video or taking pictures is clunky. You have to pull out your smart phone or your video camera, and hold it up, What if you could just touch a button on your eyewear and start recording from the actual perspective of your eyes instead? Sure, there are products you can strap on your head, but what if the ability was inside a regular pair of stylish and trendy looking hipster glasses? That would be cool! We are working with-in an accelerated start-up environment to reinvent the human-computer experience as stylish computing enabled eyewear.”

If all goes well, these funky all-seeing all-hearing glasses could be at your local optician in the near future.

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