Seriously? A beanbag review? You bet! It might seem like a strange thing to put into a magazine that’s all about technology, but there is method to our madness. See, with many entertainment-oriented technological pursuits, seating is a major consideration. You can’t dominate a video game if you’re not slouched in just the right way. You can’t chill to some splendid tunes if you’re not laid back properly. You can’t watch a movie unless you’re positioned just right.

Well, the Sumo Omni will allow you to do all that, and more. This massive beanbag measures 4.5ft by 5.5ft, but only weighs just over 8 kilograms. It looks like a massive cushion, but the large size and just the right amount of top quality Sumo beads inside means that the user can set it up in a wide variety of very comfortable positions. Quite honestly, the only limitation is your imagination.

The Omni is available in ten colours, too, so if décor is a consideration, you should be well catered for. But you will need to consider space…it’s a big chair! And for those who insist on some kind of tech in every review, the Omni is made from space age nylon, which is tough, colourfast and easy to maintain.

It’s the perfect video gaming chair, without a doubt… comfortable, versatile and tough. They haven’t arrived on our shores just yet, but they will be here soon, so keep an eye out for the Omni and other members of the Sumo family.

Verdict: A tough, versatile and stylish piece of video gaming equipment.

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