When laptops were introduced, they became essential for anyone who needed portable computing. We kept our desktop computers as our main devices, but gradually we replaced our desktop PCs altogether with our laptops. Now, we have an even more portable version of the laptop. Tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular. It’s the never-ending cycle of the advancement of technology. How long before laptops are completely replaced by tablets? Probably not very long. Here are some reasons why tablets will soon be replacing laptops for good.


Tablets are much smaller than laptops, and their size makes them much more portable. They are less than half the size of most laptops, and they don’t weigh more than a pound. If you’re in a crowded space, don’t worry about figuring out where you’re going to set up your laptop. Just pull out your tablet and hold it in one hand while you work. For traveling, they can easily fit into a briefcase or backpack, rather than requiring their own separate bag. Tablets will never weigh you down.


Lugging around you laptop charger is another hassle, because you never seem to have enough power to last you long enough. Tablets run on a single charge much longer, and they charge more quickly. You probably won’t need to plug it in while you’re on the go if you powered up overnight.


Tablets are about as expensive as a low-end laptop, and they’re getting even cheaper with new models being introduced. You can purchase a laptop for all your portable computing needs for a lot less, and you can get a lot more for your money compared to how much you will spend on a high-end laptop. They are incredibly affordable, and they make portable computing accessible to many more people.


You can purchase 3G or 4G Internet connectivity for your tablet, and you’ll never have to worry about connecting to a Wi-Fi signal like you do with your laptop. You won’t be restricted in where you can access the Internet. You can get a 3G or 4G network with your laptop, but it will require purchasing an additional piece of hardware. No more frustrating searches for a connection with a tablet.


Who has ever heard of a tablet getting infected with a virus or malware? Sure, it could be possible, but viruses are simply not a concern for tablet users. Unlike a laptop, which needs constant protection and is much more vulnerable to security threats.



The interface of a tablet is much more user-friendly than a laptop. Tablets are designed to be simple to use. Working a tablet requires a much smaller learning curve than a laptop. The interface is streamlined for maximum efficiency and user appeal.


It is much easier to integrate your tablet with other devices using Bluetooth. You can sync more easily, and use a wider variety of accessories. Laptops require more hardware for the same purposes, and connecting to other devices is just not as easy or natural than with a tablet.


There are thousands of applications for tablets, and they are incredibly easy to install. Many are free. Software options for your laptop just aren’t as colorful or easily accessible. More and more apps are being designed every day, and the app appeal makes the tablet come ahead of a laptop any day.

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Why Tablets Will Soon Replace Laptops for Good

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