Smart phones are too confusing to buy and people literally get confused due to inability of the user to find the best smart phone. Smart phones are considered as highly advanced products of technology and they exhibit owner’s social status in front of the people. People can set their priorities over Android phones when it comes to compare the phones on the basis of music and movies. This preference has been made due to various number of music player apps available in the Android market. People can play their favorite melodies and watch high-quality videos after downloading any of the free music player apps available in the market.

ArcMedia is the top-rated music player application in Android phone. This is due to the presence of additional codec and format support. People can streamline and download various media files from a preferred network with optimum Wi-Fi connection in their phone. Cubed is another music player Android application which offers visual experimentation features with music library explorations. This application can be incorporated with a 3D interface which either operates in landscape or portrait mode. There are various striking features in the application such as shuffle, visual themes, playlists and album cover art. All these features make a genuine music player for Android equipped smart phone.

If people want to read the subtitles while listening to a song or watching a video song, then TuneWiki can be worth of an installation. People can also streamline other songs with the help of SHOUTcast radio integration. There is a huge collection of more than 3 million songs subtitles with translation in 40 languages. Doubletwist is another music player application to play both video as well as audio files. This application works in direct integration with the free desktop client for exporting and importing podcasts and playlists. People can scrutinize any kind of music and put it in synchronization with DoubleTwist application.

Meridian Player Classic is completely laden with various advanced features related to lyrics search, music playback, video watching, ID3 tags editing, gesture control and ratings. There is no need to waste time over tapping the keys because this player works on the sliding of the fingers on the screen. There is feeler-based screen point of reference where song will be resumed automatically to the user-desired point. There is another hi-tech option of RTSP streaming where easy access to IP cam can be achieved using H.264. People can randomize the song shuffle patterns which surprise them with diversified playability.

MortPlayer represents sparkling user interface music player which includes general features such as folder-based navigation, swipe gestures, playlist support, forward, shuffle and flexible play. MortPlayer can be a good application for people who tend to have file structure above tags. bTunes is another music player which comes with similar layouts like iPod and iPhone. There are certain features like lock screen controls, bookmarking, missing artwork downloads, Bluetooth controls, voice commands, user-oriented interface and many more. MixZing and Astro are similar in regards to Meridian Player which includes mood player, artist info, widget support, videos, photos and genre-based video browsing. Finally, Real Player represents a basic music player application which can be beneficial for conventional smart phone users. these are ten best music player apps of all time.

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Ten Best Android Music Player Apps of All Time

  1. Good rundown of player apps! Yes, it can be very confusing now with sooo many options out there. But after going through all them, you just got to filter down the best ones or ones that really work for you.

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