The Best PS5 Games in 2021: Top PlayStation 5 Titles

Deathloop, the latest entry from Arkane, is one of the best games available on the PS5 platform right now, blending satisfying gunplay, tactics, a gorgeous open world that changes throughout the day and, of course, plenty of swearing.

Most of that comes from protagonist Colt, who wakes up on Blackreef Island and finds himself stuck in a time loop. If your day restarted every day, you’d probably be cursing a lot too! Colt soon discovers that in order to destroy the time loop, he must kill eight Visionaries on the same day before midnight. It might sound straightforward, but those pesky Visionaries don’t stay in one place all day – and that’s where things get interesting.

It’s down to you to explore the regions of Blackreef Island at various times of day, finding out new information, gaining access to new weapons and upgrading your abilities in order to influence the Visionaries. How do you kill two visionaries when both are in different areas at the same time of day? You’ll have to put your investigative skills to the test in this thrilling FPS. 

Crucially, the gunplay feels super satisfying, and when combined with the variety of abilities, you’ll find new and creative ways to take out the increasingly aggressive inhabitants of the island. 

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