The e-reader you should buy

The all-new Kindle features a 6-inch anti-glare display with a high resolution of 300 ppi. Amazon claims this comes with three times more pixels. The text looks really sharp and the images look vibrant on the display too. The new Kindle has a dark mode and an adjustable front light. This is a handy feature as you can read in bright sunlight as well as in dark rooms. For those who like to read before bed without disturbing others, this is a pretty nice feature.

Amazon has doubled its storage space, which is a great thing. 16GB means you can have many more books than you used to. The battery life of the Kindle is also great. Amazon says it can last six weeks on a single charge. We’ve been using it for two weeks and it’s not even 60%, so that claim is certainly true.

Software wasn’t really Kindle’s forte, but it’s improved. Previous iterations of the e-reader felt a little sluggish in terms of user interface, but this one seems to be a lot better. The user interface is as simple as it gets. You can swipe the screen down to see the various settings like Wi-Fi, dark mode, and more. Tap right or left to move pages forward or backward.

There are some nice features in the Kindle. Like X-Ray, which allows you to explore the characters and certain key terms of a book’s plot, and get important details about the people or places mentioned. There’s also Smart Lookup, which lets you look up words in the dictionary, translate text into another language, and explore Wikipedia while reading with a tap.

You can also adjust the font size to your personal preference and use the highlighting feature to save concepts, themes, and insights as you read, so you can revisit them later. Just tap, hold and drag to create a highlight.

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