These are the smartphones that Samsung is likely to make most in the year 2022

Samsung’s A-series seem to be continuing to be a bestseller for the company. According to a report in TheElect, Samsung is planning to manufacture the most numbers of Galaxy A53, A13 and A33 smartphones during the year 2022. Of these, the company will manufacture 28 million units of Galaxy A53, 27 million units of A13 and 23 million units of A33. This means that Galaxy A53 may be the most sought after Samsung phone. Samsung Galaxy A51 was the highest-selling Android phone during the year 2020. Samsung launched its successor Galaxy A52 earlier this year. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G too is said to be doing well in sales terms. However, we will have to wait to know if it managed to get the title of ‘most-selling’ Android phone like its predecessor.
As per the report, these three models together will account for 23% of the company’s 2022 shipment target. In all, Samsung is expected to launch 52 models of smartphones during the next year. Firm to launch 16 new models of low-end phones. These are likely to be low-end phones Galaxy M53 5G, M33 5G and M13(F13).
Likely production timelines
Production for Galaxy A53 and A33 will reportedly start during the first quarter of 2022 while production for A13 will start during the second quarter. For the higher-tier Galaxy A series, A73 5G, the company may start production during the second quarter of next year. The low-end phones Galaxy M53 5G, M33 5G and M13(F13) may go into production during the second quarter.
Samsung’s foldable bet paying off
Samsung’s foldable bet too seems to be paying off. The company is reportedly set to increase production of its foldable phones. According to a report in The Korean Economic Daily, Samsung will expand the production capacity of foldable devices amid an “unexpected global craze over its Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 products.” the report claims that the company’s decision to ramp up capacity is mainly driven by soaring market demand. “Its third-generation foldable models recorded 920,000 pre-orders in South Korea, 1.8 times more than its latest smartphone Galaxy S21. The number of pre-orders for the new foldable phones was even higher in China with more than 1 million,” says the report.

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