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Now it’s time to start planning your spring lawn and garden projects. And we’ve found the gadgets that can help. Discover them on the blog.

February is a great month to shop for spring garden supplies. You can choose the latest equipment and be sure that everything will get to you on time. Want to see gardening tools worth buying this year? Check out our suggestions!

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If installing a smart sprinkler is on your garden to-do list this year, you’re in luck. Both Moen and Rachio publish gizmos that can help you conserve water and track its use in your garden.

Then you can make your lawn more entertaining with some fun additions like the BioLite FirePit Essentials Kit, which includes the smokeless FirePit. And the Innr Outdoor Smart Pedestal Lights add 16 million colors to your flower beds and pathways.

Get ready for spring with these useful gardening supplies.

Wasserstein Bird Feeder Camera on a post

This spring, you can have some bird watching fun in your backyard by adding the Wasserstein Bird Feeder Camera Case. It works with security cameras like Blink, Wyze, and Ring so you can see your feathered friends up close.

2. Moen intelligent sprinkler control and intelligent soil sensors help you water your garden intelligently. They are coming soon at a price to be announced.

It pays to buy these gardening aids for your lawn before spring
Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller in a home

The Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller and Smart Floor Sensors Take the guesswork out of lawn and garden watering. Soil sensors allow you to tailor watering to the needs of your soil, while the sprinkler app allows for automatic water saving.

3. The Yarbo Lawn Mower M1 smart robotic lawnmower navigates your lawn using RTK GPS technology. Shop it for $3,519 on the brand’s website.

It pays to buy these gardening aids for your lawn before spring
Yarbo lawn mower M1 in a yard

With the Yarbo Lawnmower M1 intelligent robot lawn mower, you don’t have to bury wires or cables in your garden. This handy lawn gadget uses RTK GPS positioning technology and advanced algorithms to work in virtual boundaries. It’s definitely one of our favorite gardening tools worth buying.

4. The Wyze Cam OG weatherproof security camera keeps an eye on your garden and has a spotlight. It costs $19.99 on the company’s website.

It pays to buy these gardening aids for your lawn before spring
Wyze Cam OG on a fence

Keep an eye on your garden with the Wyze Cam OG Weatherproof Security Camera. With an IP65 weatherproof rating, it stands up to harsh elements. Use it to keep an eye out for intruders and even pests in your garden.

5. The BioLite FirePit Essentials Kit comes with everything you need for a smoke-free fire enjoyment. Buy it for $399.95 from the official website.

BioLite FirePit Essentials Kit on a patio

Add a fire pit to your backyard that won’t leave smoke smell in your hair and clothes with the BioLite FirePit Essentials Kit. This kit includes BioLite’s popular smokeless FirePit, along with the FireMat, FirePoker, and carrying case.

6. The Dometic CFX3 75DZ powered cooler chills and chills. Operate it from a wall outlet, a car socket or a solar panel. It costs $1,399.99 on Amazon.

Dometic CFX375DZ
Dometic CFX3 75DZ at a barbecue party

Get the Dometic CFX3 75DZ Powered Cooler for garden parties this spring. It has two storage compartments so you can use one for chilling and the other for freezing. It’s great for outdoor parties, RV trips, and camping, making it one of our favorite gardening tools worth buying.

7. The Dandy DT-01 robot lawn mower uses AI and image recognition to rid your lawn of weeds. Get it for $699.99 on the company’s website.

Dandy DT-0T teaser video

With the Dandy DT-01 lawn care robot, you no longer have to weed your lawn. It detects weeds and sprays a local herbicide directly on them, reducing chemical use by up to 90%.

8. The Innr Outdoor Smart Pedestal Lights offer 16 million outdoor colors and work with voice assistants. They cost $179.99 on Amazon.

Innr Outdoor Smart Pedestal Light
Innr Outdoor Smart Pedestal Light in a garden

Light up your walkways, garden paths and hedges with the Inner Outdoor Smart Pedestal Light Set. Compatible with Philips Hue and other lights, it sets the atmosphere in your garden. It even works with Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

9. The Rachio Smart Hose Timer Starter Kit allows you to create programs and control outside faucets. Pre-order it for $99.99 on the brand’s website.

Rachio Smart Pant Timer Starter Kit introductory video

Make watering your lawn and garden smarter and easier with the Rachio Smart Hose Timer Starter Kit. Installed on your outdoor faucet, it monitors water usage and follows schedules. Plus, since it connects to Wi-Fi, you can monitor it and make changes from anywhere. It belongs on any list of gardening tools worth buying.

10. Geeni Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Smart Plug allows you to control outdoor devices from anywhere. Buy it for $19.99 from the official website.

Innr Outdoor Smart Pedestal Light Color
Geeni Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Smart Plug with a smartphone

Turn your holiday lights on and off, schedule sprinklers and more from your smartphone when you have Geeni’s indoor/outdoor weatherproof smart plug. In addition, it withstands harsh weather and has a compact, easy-to-install design.

Prepare for spring now so you’ll be ready when the warmer weather arrives. Which of these gadgets will you buy? Let us know!

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