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New Delhi: When it comes to UI redesign, one of the most noticeable elements of Android 12 is the auto-theming “Dynamic themes” function. This feature picks colours from the background and applies them to the system UI and supported apps. According to XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman, the feature is dubbed “monet” and is only available to Pixel users. Dynamic Themes are also likely to be available for other Android smartphones.

This is fascinating. The source code for Monet (Android 12’s wallpaper-based theme system) will be released alongside Android 12L, but based on this code update for the Material Components library, it appears that a number of OEMs are already integrating dynamic colour support.

He goes on to say that he discovered a section of Google’s Material Components library named “Add supported manufacturer list of dynamic colours.” According to the code, the feature will be available on handsets manufactured by OPPO, realme, OnePlus, vivo, Xiaomi, Motorola, itel, Tecno Mobile, Infinix, HMD Global, Sharp, Sony, TCL, Lenovo, Google, and Roboelectric.

Notably absent from the list was Samsung. According to the source, the dynamic colour functionality is included in Samsung’s One UI 4 Betas, which are based on Android 12. More smartphone manufacturers are expected to be added to the list in the near future. It’s also plausible that Samsung isn’t using Google’s operating system. Furthermore, developers occasionally modify the auto-theming algorithm for their devices in such a way that the same wallpaper used on two distinct devices produces different results.

For the uninitiated, Google just introduced Android 12L, a new edition of Android OS for tablets and large-screen devices such as foldables. Google is clearly pushing for “large” screen smartphones by adding a “L” to Android 12. Google has published the Android 12L developer preview, which will allow select users to test the new large screen capabilities and optimise the available apps. Google provides enhanced UI performance on large screens across alerts, fast settings, lockscreen, overview, home screen, and more with the Android 12L. Android 12L optimises the system apps as well.

Google has confirmed that the Lenovo P12 Pro will be the first handset to ship with Android 12L. It will become available for Android 12 tablets early next year.

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