The point of a GPS unit is to get you from one point to another — any other functions are just extras. This attitude may be one taken by either the pragmatic or the cash-strapped…and seeing as we have both kinds of people here in South Africa, Tomtom have a GPS unit exactly for them which they have named the Tomtom Via 110 GPS.

The Via 110 is a stripped down version of their generally great GPS devices, offering exactly what the motorist needs, without providing the added extras that they may want. With voice control, spoken street names, advanced lane guidance and traffic camera warnings, the device provides exactly the kind of functions a motorist needs, without all the extra bells and whistles. It keeps things simple and functional, which we like.

The integrated mount isn’t ideal for quick storage, though. Still, it’s a useful device, and it’s slightly short battery life is dealt with by the included car-charge cable. The 4.3 inch screen is clear, and the unit works perfectly well, meaning that even those a bit short in the wallet department can find their way effectively.

Verdict: Effective, sturdy, and without any frills… this is a purely functional GPS.

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