Android has widened its horizons in such a genuine manner that there are more than 100,000 Android applications in the market. Smart phone had been considered for business applications and it has never been considered for fun and entertainment. Android OS’s easily accessible properties and comprehensible applications have given a paradigm shift to the basic understanding of the Android usage. However, there are unlimited applications in the Android market but still people find it difficult when it comes to make top choices for business Android apps. Here is a list of preferable applications which can get updated as Android is launching new applications on weekly basis.

Gmail and Google Calendar are basic business apps which provide instant access to multiple accounts at a single time. Android is one of the Google applications only which keeps it in favor of the customer. People can set daily reminders about meetings and other works by using Google Calendar. Tweet Deck is social networking application to share any business venture or product launch on Twitter or Facebook. People can also get to know about all the friendly and business oriented going around in the social media by following as well as liking various brands and promotions.

Goggles is more of a fun-oriented application but it consists of astonishing Google Labs pragmatic applications. It takes or scrutinizes through a picture and makes a deep analysis on Google regarding the picture. It also considers QR and bar codes for finding the subsequent information about the product. This operates with step-by-step methodology where user first sees a product, takes a picture, feels the product and finds the genuine Amazon price for that particular product. WordPress application can be useful in productivity section where users can share their blogs. They can also check other pages, read posts, add comments and check the visitors’ stats on their profile. People can also write multiple blogs while switching over between them single-handedly.

Evernote is another useful application where users can add notes, photos and clippings in a notepad format. People can share them with others at the required moment of time. Badge is more of an animated application which seems more like a cartoon show and mobile game. Users would love to play with this application in their free time so as to refresh their mind from hectic business schedule. YouTube is a brilliant design application which will provide a link to the user’s Gmail account automatically. Moreover, people can have an access to the videos and other subsequent channels.

Google Maps is a mandatory business application which can provide significant information about the longitudes and latitudes of a particular location. This can help people in identifying the location of a rendezvous business place. Users can also access the street view to guide their car through the streets of a particular location. Amazon Kindle provides subsequent information about the newly launched books with their price tags. Readers can sort out books according to their requirements and set a particular online order for the books also. These are some of the most preferred choice when it comes to business Android applications.


My Top Choices for Business Android Apps

  1. I find Evernote and Google apps very helpful, too. I mean, whether you’re an Android or iOS user, they got to be on your phones.

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