I couldn’t imagine life without ears but now that I have these headsets I can’t imagine life without them and 3D sound. Dolby Digital surround sound 7.1 is not available on DVD and you have to really look for the Blu-rays that have it. These headphones don’t accept anything of a low quality… well, they do, but it just feels wrong. The Tritton AX 720 headset is a gamers dream! They bring out the effort that creators of games and movies actually put into making surround sound, which most people don’t even appreciate. So what makes these different from other headphone or other surround sound headphones?

They connect to your Xbox or PlayStation3’s microphones. Connection for the Xbox360 is a small cable that plugs into the controller and then into the side volume control of the headphones. The PlayStation3 is a little neater with a printer cable plugging from the audio router to the USB of the PlayStation. Both game and voice sounds have separate volume controls, to adjust them individually.

To give you an idea of how clear the surround sound is I will share the fail experience that I had when first connecting them. I was figuring out the audio router and connecting the HDMI to video and audio splitter to the headset for my Xbox360. The headset was on my head from the beginning and I sat down on the couch with controller and the TV remote. I changed the channel to the DVI feed and was moving around the menu to try and hear the sounds. I heard the menu’s click, click… but from the TV. I went to the Xbox settings to set them to go via digital audio, just like a PlayStation3 needs to be told which audio output to use.

To my surprise I found out that the Xbox does not need to be set… it just outputs to everything plugged into it. I then did not understand how the TV producing sound because it was a HDMI to DVI cable that does not carry sound. Ping, the headphones are still on.

The surround effect made the menu items sound seem like it was coming from the TV in front of me. I took the headphones off and nothing, back on and the sound came from the TV again… mind-blowing!

The audio router only accepts digital audio so don’t count on your PC or DVD player’s simple audio out giving you the same effects, but any sound card that can produce sound of this quality will have a digital out. There is a connecter cable for the standard 3.5 audio jack if they become the only headphones that touch your ears.

I will believe that too, because when it comes to comfort these are padded correctly. I did a 2.5 hour Gears of War 3 session and then watched the Blu-ray movie of X-Men: First Class and never removed or adjusted the head set, other than maybe a few volume tweaks. By far the best headset I have used to date, they plug in to every device that makes sound in my life… with no complications.

Verdict: Absolutely fantastic headphones that surround one in great sound.

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