Ultra-zoom: Periscope camera may remain exclusive to iPhone Pro Max until 2024

One of the supposedly distinguishable features that the rumored iPhone 15 Pro Max or Ultra will benefit from, and ones that won’t be found in Apple’s smaller iPhone 15 Pro, is the periscope camera. Based on a new claim, the sensor could remain exclusive until next year’s iPhone 16 Pro Max.

The periscope telephoto camera has been a premium component in some flagship Android phones for years, but has been absent from all iPhones so far. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, or whatever the device will be called, is reported to be the first Apple-branded camera phone to ship such a sensor.

Advisor and known leaker Ming Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will continue to make the complex telephoto lens an exclusive feature until the iPhone 16 Pro Max or 16 Ultra. The report of the South Korean publication contradicts this the electr who believes the iPhone 16 Pro would share the same fourth camera.

10x zoom in iPhone 15 Pro Max

For starters, a periscope telephoto camera allows smartphones to have advanced zoom capabilities without the need for a thicker camera bump. Compared to normal zoom sensors with 2x or 3x lossless magnification levels, a periscope can capture up to a 10x zoom level or higher and still retain most of the detail.

Close-up of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most versatile camera smartphone on the market. / © NextPit

Samsung has been using a 10 megapixel periscope camera since the Galaxy S20 Ultra up to the Galaxy S22 Ultra (test report). Besides the Korean giant, Xiaomi and Huawei are some Chinese brands that have adopted this particular optical solution in their smartphones.

Bigger battery and display for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but what else?

In addition to the new camera and the larger battery capacity, it is not yet known what other advantages the iPhone 15 Pro Max will bring over Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro. However, both models are expected to come with capacitive buttons and possibly a titanium frame once they become official sometime in September.

It’s unclear if adding the fourth sensor would result in a much higher price tag for the top-end model. But will you consider ditching the smaller iPhone 15 Pro in favor of the pricier Pro Max if this rumor circulates? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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