Today’s world is full of powerful gadgets and we just cannot seem to have enough of them. Some gadgets are a must for tech enthusiasts that can not only be very handy but also a style statement. In here, I will discuss three cool gadgets, which are Zomm Keychain, Portable GPS tracker and Ultimate Comfy game seat.

Zomm Keychains

Now-a-days, the world is full of forgetful people. It is either because of the demanding routines that small information often slips your mind where you often cannot remember where you put your as mobile phones, car keys, house keys, wallet, etc. It might seem like a petty problem but can be very frustrating but only for those who do not have

The idea of Zomm Keychain was actually conceived by manufacturers who also faced the same problem of mislaying things. This handy little gadget will solve your problem as it is linked to your mobile phone through Bluetooth. Whenever you mislay your mobile, this device will gives out a loud beep to notify you that your mobile phone is not with you. This device also consumes quite less battery and is easily available on technology and gadgets store.

Portable GPS Tracker

Portable GPS Tracker is just another tracking device but no doubt, it is one of the best and coolest tracking gadgets. This gadget looks like any small USB device and can be used with any computer or laptop. This device is unique because it has connectivity in itself. This gadget is used to find places, which are downloaded to its software. This device is also capable of working with different websites and software such as Google maps, MapQuest, virtual earth and Google earth. To power this device 2 AAA batteries are used which can last for more than 6 days. The battery timings also depend on the number of records. The testing of this gadget is completed and now it is being produced in wholesale quantities.

Ultimate Comfy Game Seat

As the name of this gadget shows that, this chair is the ultimate comfy seat for gamers to experience high-end level of gamming. This gadget has twelve vibration motors, which are totally synchronized with every game. The vibration motors are heavy enough to make you feel that you are really in the game. The vibration levels can also be adjusted according to the need of player. For sound, you can use headphones or your home theatre. To make all games’ experience fun, you can add all kinds of game accessories such as steering wheel, joysticks, guitars, virtual guns and much more. This chair has proper head, arm and leg rest, it is also compatible with all gaming consoles.

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