Digital picture frames are very small computers that are housed in a frame. They generally have LCD screens, and some of them will have LED backlighting. This is the same type of screen that high end televisions have, and as a result, their images are very crisp and clear. The digital picture frame’s primary function is to display digital photos. Many of them can play music and videos as well as photos, and this versatility makes them a useful tool for a business owner. For only a little money ($50 to $300) you can purchase one of these fun frames. When it comes to using the frame in your business, you have a lot of options.

Advertising with Your Digital Picture Frame

Advertising with a digital picture frame is so easy that it is surprising that more businesses are not doing it. All you have to do is set up your frame somewhere your customers are going to see it. For example, you could place the frame on the receptionist’s counter or in your waiting area. You can mount the frame on the wall in your store. If you have a clothing store, then hanging digital picture frames in your changing rooms is a great idea. Load the frame with photos of your merchandise, your staff, or your office. You can also create digital signs to give your customers information about your deals and promotions. If you have a sale coming up, you can put that information on your frame. Most print advertisements are designed and created on a computer, and now all you have to do is load that image onto your frame.


Testimonials from your clients or customers are a great way to utilize your digital picture frame. Take a photo of your client and create an image where you display their photo and their testimonial. Once you have a few testimonials, you can set them up in a slideshow, and your new customers will be able to see what other happy customers have said about your business in the past.

Informing Your Employees with a Digital Picture Frame

Using a digital picture frame as a tool for your employees is another great idea. You can use these frames to display the employee of the month or any employees of merit. You can also use these frames to display motivational messages for your employees. This will help keep your employees positive throughout the workday. You can also use these frames to display messages about activities or meetings that your employees will need to attend. For example, does your sales team need to attend a meeting on Tuesday? In this situation, you can add the information to an image that you load on your frame. If you display the frame in the break room or employee lounge, the majority of your employees are likely to see it. Using your digital picture frame to advertise, to display testimonials, or to inform your employees are only a few ways that you can use your frame in your business.

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