Pets can be extremely pampered members of the family. Pet supply manufactures know this deep in their bones and cater to pet lovers every day of the week—and sometimes twice on Sunday with a one-day sale! Alas, some pets are treated better than…. Well, never mind. We won’t go there. We will go on with listing some really wacky, weird and wonderful pet gadgets. Some might make you sigh and smile wistfully. Some will ‘wow’ you with amazement, and some just might make you shake your head in complete bafflement.

For Cats

1: Litter-Robot: This waste disposal unit—it’s not just a litter box, folks; it’s too “deluxe” for that low-brow moniker—looks from the front like two wide tires resting perpendicular to each other. Your cat vaults into the top tire, does his business there and hops out. Seven minutes after your cat’s arrival, the upper tire rotates, filtering out clumps and deposits them in the lower “tire” section. You simply pull out the container in the lower area, dump and clean it then reinsert it without having to dig around in the cat litter. The upgraded model has not just the window and portal entries but covered windows and expanded portal space for larger cats. Basic unit price: roughly $345.00. Plus tax. And shipping and handling. And don’t forget the accessories—extra, of course.

2: “The Only Heated Outdoor Cat House”: Yes, that’s the actual name of it, but no, it’s not…that…kind of cat house. Whether the claim is true anymore or not, this AC-powered cat house, as opposed to dog house, is covered in vinyl and sports a “blue” heat source that keeps the house approximately 15 degrees F. above the ambient, outdoor temperature. The heating unit stays cool to the touch, so your cat won’t get scorched. My cat prefers to spend her days outside until around the first snow fall, so even at the $129.95 retail price tag, it’s tempting.

For Almost Any Pet

3: Tropical Island Bamboo Bed: For cats or dogs—or any air-breathing pet, the Tropical Island Bamboo Bed isn’t your ordinary “toss in a corner and forget it” pet bed. Oh, no. This baby literally is bamboo. The frame elevates the tailored bedding and replete with pegged railing along three sides. Really. It is. It’s rather cute, too, but with a price of $75.95 plus $19.95 S&H, it’ll have to wait for Christmas.

For Fish

4: Hanging Fish Bowl: Well, perhaps not for the fish, although they might enjoy the altered perspective. This very cute fish bowl is great for a single fish or perhaps a few smaller ones. You literally hang this one-side-flat fish bowl on the wall. It has a convex design that is similar to a traditional fish bowel.  The opening at the top makes it easy to feed your fish, and it makes a very attractive wall hanging. Price: $19.95 plus S&H.

For Dogs

5: Canine Treadmills: There are several varieties of these available, but when your dog needs exercise, and either the weather or your schedule cannot accommodate, this canine exercise machine is very similar in design to those for humans. Built low to the ground with adjustable speeds and a narrow tread, you might even use it yourself when Fido is taking a nap. Just watch the safety rails along the side and the lack of hand rails for most humans. Be sure to unplug the AC device when not in use: You don’t want your children risking injury trying to play. This device may not be recommended for long-duration use. Your animal may get bored with the scenery and resist using it. It’s up to you, but this one is just too over-the-top here. Price on the last one researched: over $3,000.00, retail. Ouch.

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